We have no Season!

We entered warily through the gate though sign  warning of canines, rang the bell – no answer! second time we were lucky, a middle-aged woman opened the door, Seeing the question mark on her face we introduced ourselves.  We were there as part of promoting Inner engineering yoga program.  We met a couple of people in her neighboring apartment and about to leave after sharing the flyers.
She said, “Birds have a season, Dogs have a season, Pigs have a season, all animals have a season. But human beings don’t have a season!
What is she talking about?  Is it the same thing which I am thinking?
She continues, ” Birds have a season for having  children, Dogs have a season, most of the animals have season”, now the ice has melted and  its as clear as a spring lake!
” We human beings don’t have a season, we just reproduce in all seasons, and see the result we are everywhere”.
We did not know what to say as we were surprised to hear her talk this, “Hmm” we said.
She adds “Animals have the intuition to regulate their population when ever they feel its increasing or decreasing, we humans seem to  have lost that long back.”  This was interesting to know. They cannot count numbers like us but still can regulate their numbers! “we the intelligent ones have lost sense (forget about Intuition).”
We seem to not care about the enormous pressure the increasing population and its demands are  putting on the resources of this planet.

If you ask Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, the same question that was asked to Jawahar Lal Nehru, “Is it not time to control the population growth?”  would like to know what would be his answer. I hope he would not say ” Population is our strength!”

Its time we responded as we can’t afford to see Mother Earth respond to it.


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