Happy New Year 2012

Another new year arrives though it’s just another day.  When we were small we always had this notion that what ever we do on the first day of the year, we continue/ end up doing the same thing all-round the year! we would get up early in the morning (we never had this Dec 31 night bashes back then in our town). we used to go to temple,  wear washed clothes, eat the best food, be nice to every one and have fun if  we the school was off.

If that’s true then I would go to a nice beach resort, try bathing in the sun, keep lot of money in the purse, try to in the best company, never think of work.  May be we are not that courageous to believe  in that notion completely!

There is a lot of speculation and rumors about the world ending in 2012! The Mayan calendar too allegedly ends in 2012.
May be they just felt lucky to stay intact till 2012 but we made sure their culture ended before 2012.
Whether the world ends in 2012 or it gets a new date  we would all be participants not spectators of the holocaust.

With the kind of overuse of the its resources,  hope Earth would not take corrective action!

Lets have some fun responsibly till then!



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