Not so fast!

Hi guys, writing after so long. I was aware of this all the time but did not heed to this itching sensation to write initially but lately started feeling  blog sick!.
Marriage happened and it changed many things. Suddenly you don’t feel that bad when some ones’ child calls you uncle! The response is no more – ” I am not married yet, call me brother”.  You got one so now you are welcome now to the circle of married ones!  “Aaja, finally you did it, ha!”
And no more pestering  from friends, colleagues and family – “When are you not getting married?, all the boys your age are already churning out grand children for their parents! you are getting old!”
I quip, “Why do I have to get married?”
“That’s what everyone does, and …..blah, blah”

Of course, this is natural thing expected from a normal guy, completing studies, doing a 8-5 job, having normal routine.  Its time to normally marry and get the normal going.
That’s what I did!

On the day of my marriage, bride and me were supposed to walk to the mandap from the dressing rooms with giggles of relatives in the background and flashing stares in the front. I  started walking fast, I heard “Ohh! son don’t walk so fast, take your wife-to-be along with you. ”

“Its not all about me but both of us”,  That’s what I realized first hand then and reminded sometimes now!


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