Are you Vaastu?

Do you know Sreekar, why you are going through rough patch?
“Why””Because your house is not according to Vaastu, I have told you many times but you don’t listen”
“Oh, come on yaar. Not again”
“Listen to me once, show it to some Vaastu pandit. What do you loose”
“Ok, lets try”
“Good, I know a famous pandit, we will take appointment with him”
The famous Pandit arrives and checks everything.
He says Sreekar the Direction of the Commode is wrong
Panditji, it is downwards”
“Does it have to be towards up?”

Sreekar knows if the pees upwards where it falls- on a more confused Sreekar.
That is how a half baked pandits suggest.

Vaastu literally means a Dwelling or House. It based on balancing the Five basic elements of nature – Earth, water, Air, Fire and Space (Pancha Maha Bhoota). Vaastu Sastra combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the person and the material. It takes advantage of the benefits bestowed by the five elements of nature to create a congenial living and working environment thereby facilitating spiritual well-being and paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
It is as simple as harvesting the benefits of these five elements to the best use.  A Sunflower bends itself towards the sun to get the most of the sun light. Similarly Vaastu is aligning your house so that you get the most of five basic elements. We have anyway lost the natural instinct to harvest them so that is the reason we have the principles.

Vaastu Purush
Source: Wikipedia

In recent times we have seen Vaastu misinterpreted. The cup board is not in right direction, the bed is not in the right position, the TV is in the wrong corner. The bathroom door is small, The kitchen has to be in the south. That is the reason you are not getting ahead in life.   We have degraded Vaastu to such a low level that we made it an another excuse for our failures. ” Vaastu is not good”.

According to Indian architecture a home is also a temple- Manushyalaya. It is constructed on the same principles of a temple.  A temple is constructed on a strong earth magnetic lines and the devotees go in with wet clothes so that they receive the maximum grace(positive energy).  This supports them in keeping away from diseases  and bad influences.  The home helps in retaining that positive energy.  The reason why the kitchen is preferred in the south east is that it is the best location for sending smoke out. In India the winds blow mainly in South west to north east  or east to west or north west to south east. So the kitchen in south east is the best position for sending out the cooking fumes.   The bore wells or wells are dug in the north east so that they are in the best position to get the water.  There is pull on water towards north east due to
1. Earth magnetic lines passing from south pole to north pole and due to the earth’s axis tilted by 23 deg.
2. Or because of the pull on Indian subcontinent towards North-East.
We need to go towards North east  in the plot  to get water for a longer time. Other than that there are no other water fairies residing in the north-east or the drought demons in other directions.

There is also a popular belief that we should not sleep with our head towards North and legs towards South, if done so Shani Dev will catch  hold of your legs and bad luck enters into your life. Its true that sleeping with our head towards North is not good for us. That is because earth magnetic pull. Earth’s Magnetic lines pass from South pole to North pole and when we sleep with our head in the North direction, the iron in our body gets pulled towards the head. Too much iron in the head is not good.  Over a prolonged period of time sleeping with towards north may even lead to death. please  see more  at the following link.

Similarly even the human body is also the combination of the Five basic elements – Earth, Water, Air , Fire and Space.  There is very much a possibility to convert this body into a temple by balancing these five elements. We do  Bhootha Shuddhi to purify these elements so that we can align the human body  to seek the ultimate. More can be read here Pancha Bhootha Aaradhana.

In this time of increasing population and decreasing resources where everyone cannot have a well ventilated house with the front yard, its time we turned into Vaastu!


5 thoughts on “Are you Vaastu?

  1. wow bro! i never knew this stuff. bravo. Love the way you wrote it. “there are no other water fairies residing in the north-east or the drought demons in other directions” was funny!!

    We’ve so much precious but misinterpreted mythified info in our culture. Guess its time we invested time in researching more on this. This could be a nice start.


  2. I’ve also heard the same that, temples are also constructed in such a way that, they should have the maximum magnetic energy and many people say that they get peace at temples rather than other places.
    And also some people (Aditya, my ex roomie) told me that we should not sleep keeping head towards east, as our internal magnetic field interacts negatively with earth’s, but later came to know that, it has nothing to do as earth’s magnetic field is no way compared to ours.
    Its very good article indeed, came to know a couple of new points on Vaastu. Thanks for the post.


    • Thanks for reading. Temples are visited for peace, positve energy. Its recieved best when we are wet, that is the reason we have bathing ponds before the temple, they used to take a dip and directly go into the temples before the modern day bathrooms took over. About the sleeping, its not good to sleep with your head towards North. The best explanation is at the following link


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