Inner Engineering

Hello all,

We have a Inner Engineering yoga program conducted Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev in Detroit from October 12-14th, 2012 in Cobo Center. I have attended this program 3 years ago in Hyderabad. I was going through a difficult with things happening not the way I wanted. It changed many things in me physically, mentally and my life.
Earlier I used to feel bad about my short comings. ” Hope I was that way-wish I was more fit, more outgoing.” A lot of thought would go into thinking about what others think. In all this mess of trying to change myself, I concluded that its difficult to change oneself. It’s the software, you can’t change your responses, mannerisms, way of thinking.
After attending this program and regular practice brought about a silent change in me. Did I become Extrovert, strong, cool?

More than that I started accepting the way I am. In harmony with me and that feels good. I lost “what others think” thoughts completely, became a bit more expressive.
Physically, there were lot of changes. I lost the frequent head aches bothering me, no acidity even if I miss regular food time. I am more fit. Can go with the daily routine even with less sleep. Sometimes there is a temptation to go back to my earlier self but now I know the medicine!
There is much more about yoga than just the things I mentioned above. it is a profound science not associated with any religion or country. It’s only that it was extensively popular in India.
Many of my friends and colleagues feel it’s still not time for Yoga. you have to be retired for that. But my experience after taking the program was ” Wish I took this long back”. My friend Bharath took this program and used to do his yoga regularly. seeing that I used to comment, “what are you doing, man? Is this that good?” But one fine day I felt the need and I am here.


Below is the link of the program details. Please share it with friends, thank you.

Please take time to see this video –


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