When Stomach wants more!

This is something which happened to me when I was in Engineering first year. I was staying in Kacheguda(Hyderabad) and my college VNRVJIET was good 35 miles away. Ragging was flourishing in college buses. we had to shave our mustaches off, wear no shoe, tuck everything in except our shirts. We were not allowed to sit in the buses, so a good three-hour standing daily. We had to address the seniors -Saar  and no talking to girls in public!
I was staying in a room, away from family along with some newly formed friends. We used to cook sometimes. We were horrible cooks and had hard time eating and the best thing mostly would be curd!  I had to  leave the room by 7.45 to catch the bus, and never had much time to cook lunch. Mostly I took dosa and watery chutney for lunch as Freshers were not allowed into the canteen. There were any good messes at that time around the room, all we got is Kachori and co, ginger tea, curd… but no South Indian Food.  So my food got so screwed up-All carbohydrates but no other nutrients.

After a few months I started feeling hungry even after eating a full meal. I knew my stomach was full but this insatiable hunger for food did not make sense to me.  I let my stomach’s cravings like that. After  some more time, I lost my appetite completely that’s when my parents took me to a doctor. Looking at my eyes, he said you have Jaundice-a white one!  My eyes were pale. all white without any red veins( an early symptom of white Jaundice).  Later the blood tests revealed that my Hemoglobin count was 7 while it is supposed to be 12-14. This was much below than that of the pregnant women!

That was my tryst with white Jaundice. It is dangerous if not detected. I was lucky!
Never had it again.
I watched in a movie (Forks and knives) that stomach sends signals to brain once it receives essential nutrients in the food to stop eating  – NOT WHEN OUR STOMACH IS FULL.

Now I know what my stomach is asking for if it makes noises even after a full meal!


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