The Life of Pi – a story

“It all started with my uncle visiting a French pool and continued into an adventure in God’s own pools”
This is the story of Pi (Piscine Molitor Patel) as told by Pi in the movie “Life of Pi”.  In what genre does it fall- an Adventure, a drama or a thriller?  It has all the elements of adventure, a share of drama and moments to thrill.  More than all these  it has life in it  like other Ang Lee movies.

The story – by Pi confession the Story No. 1 just grew upon me like a pouncing tiger, drowned me  in oceans, frightening at times. I  try to take refuge in my reasoning to no avail. I had company of  someone more confused  and our logic had to survive the beautifully laid out master piece.  We in the moment of despair pleaded God to rain some sense.  We drifted to shore after being battered by constant frames of  surprises. For a moment we crafted an island in the midst of  the mysterious oceans only to find it more dangerous.

Source: http://www.ew.comImage credit: Peter Sorel

Image credit: Peter Sorel

Finally we arrive at some safe land. We were happy of not reaching  there safe  but to have traveled together. In our quest to lodge it into some logic stream, we became new beings. Finally we found our way back but with a refreshing experience – of Life.

The movie is full of life and all the cast acted well especially the teenaged Pi – Suraj Sharma. Ang Lee as usual is at his best and in the end a beautiful movie  with a Third Dimension!


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