Where is my hope?

Have little time for a story,  of course it’s about money!

It was a lousy day, a Wednesday – the one between despair(Monday ) and Hope (Friday).  Being middle of the working week I did not have much to expect other than going home and catch some sleep.  A colleague of mine came and sat before me wearing a long face.
He asks, “Brother do you have some money, I need some urgently.” Here is someone desperately looking for some hope (money).
Its first of the month and he is already without any hope!  Heard  his family has some money problems, everyone in the office is sympathetic about this hope-less guy.
“Yes I have some hope to lend, but need it back after two weeks”
“I will give it back in a week”
His hope appeared real and I thought what good my money is if it can’t give hope to a  friend in need.
I transferred the money to his account and here formed a relationship.

Some  monetary relationships end as planned, some go off-schedule, and some  become unbreakable!
Ours turned into one such unbreakable bond.
One week, one month passed and no signs of my money coming back.
One  day I caught hold of him, “Where is my money?”
” I need some more time, I was supposed to get your money from my friend, but it got delayed”
May be he was trying to borrow from someone and give it to me while he goes on hunt for someone else like me.
I moved to another job in Bangalore and forgot about the money.

About a year passed and lot of hope changed hands, flowed under the bridge, flew in the air except this one. I called the guy.
“You totally forgot about me, I gave you hope when you needed now you are not  returning it back.”
“Brother, I did not forget you. I am in the process of arranging your money but there was an emergency at home”
“Do you call everyone whom you don’t want  to return the money as brother?, then you don’t call me brother”
“Don’t talk like that brother, I will send your money in a week”.
I was filled with hope that I will get back my hope, such was his tone!

Hopeless again! The guy did not send any money.  Three more years passed and still I am waiting for my hope!
What would be the value of my money if I had invested in some good shares or deposited in a bank.  With the inflation around 5-10%, the value of my money has diminished. What I could buy back then  costs more now.  My hope has diminished with time!

Whenever I remember this I am filled with a sense of wrong doing (thrusting my hope in someone who is  totally hopeless).  Each time the promise of giving back my money is broken I feel suspicious of everyone else.  Each day many approach me with hidden motives but still my instinct is to trust them.  May be this is all part of  a grand play  – Maaya  ( a hope that this is part of a well orchestrated play which is difficult to comprehend), again its just a hope!

Anyways the money I lent him is Rs. 1000 ($20) which could buy a month of groceries then, a week of groceries now and …..

I hope you will share your comments and experiences in the Comments section, again just a hope!


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