Hey Krishna

Here again we have 14th February arriving with a promise to bring forth love to the fore amidst stiff resistance from the cultural watchdogs.
Even it was not easy for Valentine who was killed for spreading love on the people loaves (lives) which the then rulers did not like. We are celebrating this act of defiance in our own defiant way against the warnings of self-styled guardians of  Indian culture.  What Valentine did was he performed weddings for soldiers who were not supposed to marry. What these present day guardians want to do is marry off  any young couples they see together 14th February. While Valentine defied the roman rulers, these Cultural guardians are attacking the freedom of  choice, movement and expression on this one day.

We have already enough festivals in India, why do we need one more.  We could celebrate Lord Krishna’s Birthday as a festival of Love. He was a good husband, great lover, good king, friend, warrior and protector.  He effortlessly managed himself among his eight wives while we see many huffing and puffing with one wife. He took Gopikas, who were imprisoned by evil Narakasura, under his protection and granted them dignity and  status of his wives. He defied many customs but had a  way to deal with people effortlessly. He  can be our role model in matters of love and social conduct!
A True way of leading our life in this modernized world!

Source: ISKCON

Source: ISKCON


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