Why no one wants me?

A  boy and a girl were walking towards their bike and they were suddenly intercepted by a group of middle-aged men. They seemed to be local and drunk. One of them, tall, bearded,  picked up  fight with the boy and started hitting him for no reason, others joined. The girl pleaded them to spare the boy. Somehow they got out of it and ran into the room they were sharing.  The beard guy started shouting “Mujhe koi kyon nahi Maanghta?”“Why no one wants me?”  He was deprived of a girlfriend and the boy had one. I encountered this while I was staying in a room at Koregaon Park, Pune. (I was sent on inter state onsite while our company was short of work). The bearded guy was venting out his frustration, disappointment common among many young Indians. While he was wrong in making ‘girlfriend’ a commodity or ‘having a woman companion’ same as ‘drinking beer with friends’. We as society are wrong in entertaining such cancerous notions and deeds.

The two rape incidents of young woman Nirbhaya and small girl Abhaya in Delhi have rocked the nation. They were not solely driven by sexual desire  but are an indication something more gruesome.  The way the girls were tortured shows a kind of sadistic strain, degradation in the minds of young men which is widespread.

What kind of disease is it that we have to go through ugly, wild incidents of women, small kids being violated on a daily basis. In the olden days when someone attacked a kingdom, first thing they did lay hands on women. This was their way  of declaring subjugation. The present situation is no less than a war,  an internal war.  Is it the war between the castes in which these fairer ones are painted black? Is it the war between the rich and the poor that these women are stripped of their dignity? Is it the war between dreams and reality in which these little girls are  encountering the nightmares? Is it the war between  neighbors in which they are caught in cross-fire?  May be all of them.

The parliament has passed strong anti-rape and eve teasing laws to discourage such dastardly acts. But will this decrease the violations?  In spite of  so much outrage against the rapes, we hear many more happening. This is a serious situation and this cannot be cured by pumping more anti-biotic into the social stream. The virus comes back with vengeance. We should drive the stress of  the strife we are all going through in the life. We should stop gauging life as a couple of mile stones. We should stop forcing on the kids that “Life is all about achieving something, going ahead of someone”. We should Stop bull-shitting them with all our dreams and expectations. Let them feel the freedom and enjoy life the way it is. May be they will learn to respect their fellow citizens.

We should also stop glorifying the eve-teasing in the movies by so-called heroes.  It may put wrong notions in the minds of the young people who watch them.  It’s a shame we in India pray to, idolize many goddesses and yet commit such crimes against women.  Something has to change and I don’t know what. But I pray to Gods and Goddesses to grant women strength and power to fight against this cruel world.

Lets end this war with love, include everyone  and make them feel loved and wanted.


4 thoughts on “Why no one wants me?

  1. I believe it is frustration of some kind that drives these people to do such ghastly acts. I too don’t understand the precise reason though. We as a country should stop hiding behind the Indian culture and tradition as plain hypocrisy.


    • Brother Bharath, What exactly you mean by “hiding behind Indian Culture and tradition.” Do you mean our culture has some flaws in it which will force few individuals to such heinous acts. If my understanding is wrong- I apologize for that. But let me tell you one thing-Which Dharma, not religion, in the World preaches to treat woman & her general traits-represented by 8 Lakshmi’s, pigs-Varaha, Lion-Narasimha, dogs-Symbolic representation of KalaBhairava & Dattatreya, Eagles-Garuda, Elephant-Ganesha, Trees-Tulasi; Neem; Bilva; Raagi etc., River, Air, Land-earth, Mountains, Fire as Gods. Men & their virtues- represented by Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Ravana, Karna are taught as examples of moral conduct. Ravana was killed by Rama, not just because she was kidnapped by Ravana- But tell the world that desire to possess other man’s wife at any cost- is an evil thought and the doer of the action will be punished with maximum penalty. Such a great moral; Did you know, even before the Moghul & British periods, somewhere in the periods of Chandragupta Maurya and prior- Widows were allowed to re-marry; Women were allowed to choose her groom; Women, who were estranged by husbands for more than few years, in case they don’t possess any update regarding the welfare of their husbands, are allowed to re-marry; Not just that, Husband- if returns, will have no right to question her in any case.

      So please, before saying something related to Indian tradition & Culture please understand it from lateral point of view.it’s pity that our education system has been ruined by bloody Britishers (older ones). They were successful in their attempt to break the backbone of our culture, knowlegde and Wisdom.


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