Hyderabad, Hyderabad where are you going?

A song was going on in the TV, it was about who is the real mother of Krishna, Devaki- who gave him birth or Yashodha- who fostered him?  Hyderabad is in similar situation now.  Will it go with Telangana in which it geographically located or does it have to go with Seemaandhra who claim to have major role in its development?

What makes a city like Hyderabad, a vibrant, multicultural, modern developed city?
Are the city’s Hi-tech IT centers, or its concrete high rises, or its Metro-rail in construction or its Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or its famous Biryani?  Economically yes but the heart and soul of Hyderabad is  its culture. The life of  people from all the three regions of the AP state as well as the numerous migrants and IT guys from all over the country assimilated into one whole – that is Hyderabad.  At least, as I am told, since  independence Hyderabad has been ever welcoming , stretching its hands to everyone who wanted to make it a home, who came in search of livelihood, who wanted to make money in it, on it, out of it. With ever-growing population Hyderabad has tried to keep everyone happy, though we have polluted its main vein Musi, and heart Hussain Sagar. It has been generous, though we have over-loaded its drainage network. It has been hearty, though its road system is jammed with traffic.

In return what we gave is bandhs, hartals, and petty fights vandalizing its shops, paralyzing its life many a times. And now we are fighting over its rights.  One says its in our region, and another says it is we who have developed this city.  It’s easy to fly by emotions which happens to me in a moment or rage or  anguish. But will it be any good to anyone?  All these concrete buildings do not have more than 30-40 year lifespan and they make way for the new ones, we people stay there for 50-60 years and we make way for newer generation.  What stays behind is Hyderabad and its heritage. It can survive independently without  a Telangana or Seemaandhra tag on it.

Hyderabad (Bhagyanagar – the bountiful) has given life to many, so lets not break it. Let it be the way it is and no petty politics on it, no more battles on it. Unfortunately so many lives are entwined and perilously balanced with it that moving one block will be a death knell to many a lives surviving marginally.  We have done enough to destroy  it by over-development and over-exploitation, lets not break the people’s trust with such fights. Everyday we have to work with each to get it going, this kind of mistrust may lead to favoritism and finally the death of the city

Krishna has no problem being son to both his mothers, Bhagyanagar has no problem being home to all people – reasonable and responsible ones though.


One thought on “Hyderabad, Hyderabad where are you going?

  1. Nice comparison. Krishna vis-a-vis Hyderabad. In many ways Hyderabad is unique. Yes all people have a stake but whos taking it away? No one. Hyderabad will still have its hands wide open. No point in fighting about an inconsequential cause. Yes it is difficult if not impossible to build another Hyderabad. But it is not as difficult to build another capital for a new state.


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