Its Terrorists every where!

US has decided to close down its consulates in Middle East this week, thanks to it the consulates get a holiday for Ramadan!
This proactive closure is against the terror threat  from Al-Qaeda which is classified until recently as not so dangerous..
While many analysts disapprove US move to close shop, its hard to imagine in the shoes of Consulate officials working  with a possible terror strike in their minds….

Whistle blower Edward Snowden has posed/continues posing a serious threat to USA  and his asylum in Russia has been indigestible to US officials. Their efforts to bring Snowden through diplomacy on the Eastern side failed, they have to see if they can learn something from Sara Palin’s look-West idea and scoop him into Alaska..

5 Indian soldiers are killed by purportedly killed by Pakistani Army in the Indian territory and Indian Defense Minister says its was carried out Militants in guise of Pakistani soldiers.  If they are militants in guise of soldiers, then Indians are ruled by people in guise of leaders….

Yemen military claims to have successfully thwarted an Al-Qaeda attack on port cities and oil ports.  Fortunately no blood shed and, US and other countries have one less reason to hike the fuel prices!

While many wait to have a look  skywards for a crescent moon,  lets hope this Ramadan brings with it a terror free world.


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