Its Halloween

The way leading to the place we are all invited was dark. We neared the entrance, black robes were hanging down as if snakes waiting for the frogs. We entered and the place was gloomy, strange orange-colored creatures with big scary eyes and wide mouths were staring at us. One was really scary with mouth side open, showing all its teeth and chewing a head on one side of the mouth, spewing intestines. there was an old ping-pong table on one corner with cobweb engulfing from all sides. Immediately above the table there were skeletons hanging. There was a flashing light one side of the hall as if warning us to go away.

This was not scary at all but was refreshing as it broke the cycle of scary daily routine. The lunch room, decorated for the Halloween party was more welcoming than on any other normal day. There was a rabbit like creature running around the tables while two self-styled doubles champions at Seoul Olympics playing ping-pong over the cobwebbed table. A monster was chasing a roadie with fake tattoos over his hands while a single spectacle-d detective watching over is big mustache. And there was Joe.
There were the funny looking characters among the routinely dressed revelers. A few were tasting the chili while others munching the hot dogs they got from Mean Weenie. Somehow Weenie was not so mean today!

pumpkin carving

It was a fun party, a nice break from the routine unless you are working with Troy (my colleague). Nice to see many participate in Pumpkin carving(many were first time carving the fat pumpkins) and Chili making a few appearing in Halloween costumes.

P.S.: The place was Henniges Automotive lunch room and occasion was Halloween party.

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