An Hour that Strikes Twice

Come November and Daylight saving time (DST) ends in most of the countries close to north pole. You get an hour extra to sleep on the first Sunday of the month. Or you can watch a two-hour movie in one hour if you start it at 1AM (First one). Most of us wake up to find the cell phones and computers clocked back one hour while manual ones are ahead. You may be little confused unless it strikes you, not first time but at least the second time!

And this day the debate over its effectiveness comes alive. May be you hit 1, twice, the box opens. Personally I think advancing clock one hour in the summer helps in doing more activities. You may be going to bed early but you don’t want to see sun raising at 4 in the morning. At least you can console yourselves that Sun rise happens at 5am.
Kids can play longer outside until the mosquitoes wake up and get active, elders can work on their gardens or work out their bodies/mind. I don’t know how much electricity it saves but you have sunlight for the most of the time you are active.


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