A Good Friday

Today we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the beloved son of God. Jesus let his blood spill for the sake of the masses. And now 2015 years later, are we living up to him?
We have achieved tremendous progress all aspects of life. We have all the comforts, one can dream of. We landed on Moon, and sent messengers to Mars. But are we living up to Jesus?

Jesus was killed for saying something different from the things that were in vogue. He was killed for trying to steer people away from ignorance, for showing them a better way to live. He was killed for showing people the way to reach the Kingdom of God, the permanent abode of everyone.

His crucifixion symbolizes how the Romans and people in power did not tolerate a different path of thinking, a new way of perceiving things around us. Are we any better today? We have the understanding of sub atomic particles, but are we willing to listen, accommodate a different way of thinking or life?

Jesus bore tremendous pain. He pardoned the soldiers who hit him, drove nails into him.
Are we today any forgiving and hold any love towards others? Do we as a society today any better than the Romans of that time?
we are still Cold, opportunistic, unforgiving, desperate for power.

There are wars in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen. Daily gun battle in Mexican borders, Nigeria. It is a shame that someone should be at war in order to keep the defense industry from bankruptcy, someone has to take the bullet for food to reach other one’s plate, neighbors have to fight so as to keep the defense industry to show growth.

Come lets us all come together and resurrect the soul of human kind and be aware of our environment. Let us all be forgiving, compassionate and become self-conscious. Let us all immerse in the radiance of Jesus and adorn kingdom of God, that is this earth too.

Happy Easter.


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