British citizens have voted to exit EU with a small margin. EU members are showing signs of protectionism. With such Free Trade agreements, what we see on the surface is the people’s movement. What British people saw was Romanians coming and taking jobs in Britain and health benefits. What they do not see is British companies selling goods in other countries without tax, investing in other countries without many hassles.

May be the youngsters/urban population understand the dynamics of staying in EU and feel necessary to stay in EU for better job prospect and voted to STAY IN.
Will have to see in what direction other countries are heading. Immediate ones are Scotland planning for another referendum to stay within UK and the US elections.

Its time all the major powers revisit the Free Trade Agreements and consider the social and economic concerns/requirements of its people and those of the counterpart rather than just the interests of the business corporations. Its time Human well being is one the key drivers of business leadership.

Update Dec 2018: Since UK announced exit from EU,  the divorce has not been easy as expected.  They did not consider much about the children (free trade,  EU citizens working in UK and vice versa, Ireland borders).  Theresa May is trying to sell the deal to UK lawmakers who want a better deal!  Since UK wants to leave,  EU is in no mood to budge and be bullied. Think twice, no thrice, before marriage!



3 thoughts on “Brexit

  1. I wish they had worked out something better than getting out of it. I have seen people here being aloof and not understanding the consequences themselves. Now they decided to exit on such a small margin. Democracy anyway.

    But we have to only wait and see how good the decision was for Britain and its people. It’s definitely going to be difficult for those who used to freely move within the EU for jobs and trade.

    Pound has to compete with Euro furthermore!!


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