The Realm of God

A middle class woman, Leela, who was agnostic for most of her life was surprised by the “miracle” that happened in the life of her friend Reema, a religious person. Reema was suffering from advanced throat cancer and got cured from her disease. Doctors, who have informed Reema’s son that her cancer metastasized and beyond cure, were shocked seeing she get cured miraculously.  It was the talk of the town and her congregation.  Reema, told everyone how she sat the whole night in prayer and she was healthy next morning.  Lily could not understand how this could happen.  Seeing this firsthand, Lily, became a believer.  She started visiting the congregation regularly and was reading the scriptures every night before going to bed.

She was feeling very happy to have made this choice. One day during fall,  Lily fell sick.  She was very tired but still told her prayers.  Lily did not go to the doctors as she should normally do.  Second day she became more sick. “God will cure it”  she said to herself and was expecting a miracle.  Third day was even worse, she was running a temperature of 102 deg F. “God will lower the temperature”. On the fourth day, Leela could not get up from her bed “God will give me strength to walk”. On the fifth day, Leela gave up and went to the doctor with the help of Reema. Doctor gave antibiotics for the flu and suggested complete rest.  She got cured but all this while she was thinking – “why did God not sure me? Did I not pray enough?”

The next time Leela went to the congregation, she confronted the priest. ” Why did God not cure me from Flu same as Reema’s cancer? I too prayed the whole night. I have been a good believer.” Priest was taken aback by this sudden challenge. He gained his senses back and told her in  a soft voice “Reema’s cancer is internal, so God cured it. Flu is caused by bacteria and virus. Its outside God’s realm. Bacteria and virus do not believe in the same God as us”!

Sadhguru: “Everything in Life is a Miracle”.


Is your milk 100% pure?

In a small town in East Tennessee, there are two main family owned businesses, Joy Milk and Happy Milk, selling milk in a small Tennessee town.  They fought bitterly among each other for the market share. You see bill boards of these two companies across the town.  Joy Milk would show a a beautiful cow laughing  – ” Milk from a joyful Cow – Tasty and full of Joy”.  Happy Milk would say – “Milk from Happy Cow – Whippy and Happy”.

They were looking for new ways to sell more milk.  Joy milk started new campaign saying – ” Milk from grass fed cows”. This causes confusion among the consumers – what are they fed before? what are others feeding – chicken? With this Joy milk sales increased by 10% in a week.

Marketing team at Happy milk is on the hook now. Lot of pressure on them to come up with counter campaign. After a week they launched a new ad – “Our milk has always been from grass fed cows, it pure too.” Sales of Happy milk increased.

The campaign war became more intense as the bosses got restless.  Joy Milk brought about a new campaign – “Start your day with a glass of  Joy Milk- 100% pure!”

Now this has got to the limit! Can something be called pure if it is not 100% what it is expected to be?  Can something which is 50% called pure? Before the percentage business got into advertisement, if something is pure – its implicit to be 100% pure. Not anymore. Its pure only if it is explicitly stated as 100%! When I was small, milk was mainly sold by individuals either owners of a few cows and buffaloes or middlemen. Milk was mixed with water by most. You have to choose between the sellers based on who mixes less and offers cheap!

Both Joy and Happy milk companies have reached to 100% purity in their ads and could not push anymore.  The wise managements knew they could not go with 110%, 200% as it would only lead to larger banners!  After being quite for a few days, Happy milk came up with new campaign – ” 100% pure, rBST free milk!  Now they got into hormone business! To counter this Joy milk released a new ad – “100% pure milk from hormone free, healthy cows”.  This war became more interesting than the actual milk! Many thought this would be the end of it since they covered grass feed, purity, hormones.

Happy milk hired  a costly ad agency from New York. Until now, tussle was local, its going national now.  Within a few days a new colorful ad showed up on the billboards early in the morning before the cows were ready for milking. It showed a smiling cow with Bose headphones saying “Milk from cows listening to best country music – pride of Nashville!”
Joy hired a reputed Ad guru from California. They released  a new ad – “Our cows watch best shows and walk a mile daily” showing a cow before a rock concert with a fitbit attached to the ear!

A local journalist, who was following these ads closely investigated into the source of their milk and published an article in reputed local newspaper – Both Happy and Joy Milk source their milk from same dairy farm – ‘White Gold Farms’ in rural Tennessee.