Some People Did Something

Ilhan Omar says
“Some people did something,  I was left hungry
Some people did something, I was not safe in my own country
Some people did something, I had to run away from my own country
Some people did something, I had to emigrate to USA with my parents
Some people did something, America is safe for me ( I am told I was not)
Some people did something, I am able to eat 3 meals a day
Some people did something, I am able to attend college
Some people did something, WTC got hit, people died, I am still in America
Some people did something, I am able to stand in elections
Some people did something, I can talk with freedom
Some people did something, but I don’t care”

This is the second time Ilhan Omar has said something to come to limelight.
Whether is was regarding “loyalty to Israel”  or “Some people did something”, she knows what is speaking.  Such words,  created a storm in America and elsewhere.  Some stood for her and some opposed.

Motive: Divide the Opposition
I think, Ilhan Omar’s motive behind these calculated statements is to divide the country.  She does not seem like she is looking for any friends. She is dividing the opposition while she wishes to ride the tide. She is just checking who could make concessions for her and her motive.  People like OAC, Elizabeth Warren and Mr. Sanders are playing into her hands. They are criticizing Trump for his video. All they needed was a clarification from Ilhan Omar about what she meant by some people and something. As far as I know,  I did not see any clarification from her.  This whole narrative of “second rate citizens” is to divide people.  She did not explain in what way they are suffering.  She should explain how a non-muslim is treated in a Muslim majority country and how it correlates to her ordeal in USA.

War but not Real:
We are now a fight over a controversial, vague statement made by a Congress woman. It would have been easier to just sit over a coffee table in a newsroom and sort the matter.  But Trump sounded a war horn and Democrats followed suit.

What Trump did by the video was to improve his rating.  He is trying to wake up his loyal army and add new ones. He should have toned down in his graphics.  Democrats are in haste to criticize Trump and protect Ilhan.  Now Democrats have made an aggressor into a victim. By “Someone did something”, Ilhan might be challenging the established fact about who got the twin towers down, Democrats are behind getting the Trump Tower Down!

Ilhan made it worse by staying silent. In her speech, she may not have liked to name the terrorist action, for whatever reason.  With the backlash,  she should have come forward to clarify immediately so that all this hype is put to rest.

What America has to do is, not to  fight over some statement made by someone.  They should stand together in accepting an apology if she meant to say,  some terrorists did something and Muslims in USA suffered. They should stand together in condemning if she meant “something” else.  This fight not about how America has to be governed,  this statement is about the whole country, which needs to be challenged together not fight over it. Some People please do something!