Let’s First Dare ourselves?

Greta Thunberg might well be playing  “Truth and Dare” at school during the lunch break, but here she was in New York to dare UN General Assembly about the impact of climate change on their future.

“How Dare You – You have stolen my dreams and my childhood ” Despite the coverage this has stolen, you cannot get the leaders commit to climate action.

Activism is great but, Greta and company need to understand that even though people are suffering and people are dying, this world is now run by business. Economy rules the policy even though entire ecosystem is dying. Science has been crystal clear but leaders have to take care of people’s needs.  While we used technology to plunder the earth’s resources for our comfort, we did not have the oversight to understand its effects.

While we put pressure on governments to combat climate change, there should also be individual awakening and realization of each one of our actions towards climate change.

Instead of daring the leaders first let us dare ourselves to commit to conscious consumption.  The burning of Amazon is triggered by growing demand of beef. The cutting down of trees is due to  demands of growing population. Mining of rear earth metals is due to growing demand of smart electronic devices. Business does not listen to your “dares” and change their business model over night.  They are here to generate profits by catering to the needs of people. Whether it is food, clothes, electronics, housing, electricity, businesses are here to sell for profits.

First we need to understand the root of the problem.

1. In search of material wealth and in the name of God, we populated, whole of the planet.We were around 1 billion people 70-80 years ago, now we are7+ billion. While it could be due to increasing fertility rates or life spans, we are also producing more people.

2. We are also living longer with at least 3-4 generations alive at a time. Young children are not replacing but are just added.

3. Food habits have not changed according to availability of food. We are no more nomadic to be dependent on hunting. We have a elaborate distribution and storage systems to get all kinds of vegetables and fruits in all seasons and in most of the places. We are eating a lot of meat which is one of the largest green house causing industry.

4. What we normally ignore is the role of defense and armies contributing towards carbon emissions. Each missile test, causes a lot direct and indirect emissions. Foreign Armies stationed in far away locations consume great amount of energy in establishment of bases and running them. The aircraft carriers need huge quantities of oil to keep them at sea.

So, just daring the leaders is not a magic wand or alladin’s genie to get reach our climate goals. It has to start from us. We walk a mile and let the governments come to us.

Let’s first dare ourselves- “How Dare We!




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