I stand on the terrace and a wind passes touching me gently,
It woos me to  the beautiful unknown place it is heading.
But the weather man says its going to the Low Pressure area,
I too want to go to that place of Low Pressure…

I am working as an Engineer  in Automotive Industry, with a penchant to do something more. This is such an effort. I use to write poems while in school and Intermediate(+2) but stopped it may be due to lack of inspiration around(I moved to Hyderabad for my B.Tech).

I like going for some mild treks to refresh myself. I am also interested in watching good movies and like photography.

I meditate and do yoga. From the day I took Inner Engineering yoga Program by Isha Foundation, my life has changed completely. It has cleared many questions I had. I became more efficient and calm. That’s the best thing I did to myself and suggest everyone take that program designed by Sadhguru.

For more Information about Inner engineering please visit www.Innerengineering.com

You can reach me at skarteeks@yahoo.co.in

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

    • Always wind flows from high pressure area to low pressure area.
      I just want the wind to take me that area where will be little pressures (pressures that you feel in your life).


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