Some People Did Something

Ilhan Omar says
“Some people did something,  I was left hungry
Some people did something, I was not safe in my own country
Some people did something, I had to run away from my own country
Some people did something, I had to emigrate to USA with my parents
Some people did something, America is safe for me ( I am told I was not)
Some people did something, I am able to eat 3 meals a day
Some people did something, I am able to attend college
Some people did something, WTC got hit, people died, I am still in America
Some people did something, I am able to stand in elections
Some people did something, I can talk with freedom
Some people did something, but I don’t care”

This is the second time Ilhan Omar has said something to come to limelight.
Whether is was regarding “loyalty to Israel”  or “Some people did something”, she knows what is speaking.  Such words,  created a storm in America and elsewhere.  Some stood for her and some opposed.

Motive: Divide the Opposition
I think, Ilhan Omar’s motive behind these calculated statements is to divide the country.  She does not seem like she is looking for any friends. She is dividing the opposition while she wishes to ride the tide. She is just checking who could make concessions for her and her motive.  People like OAC, Elizabeth Warren and Mr. Sanders are playing into her hands. They are criticizing Trump for his video. All they needed was a clarification from Ilhan Omar about what she meant by some people and something. As far as I know,  I did not see any clarification from her.  This whole narrative of “second rate citizens” is to divide people.  She did not explain in what way they are suffering.  She should explain how a non-muslim is treated in a Muslim majority country and how it correlates to her ordeal in USA.

War but not Real:
We are now a fight over a controversial, vague statement made by a Congress woman. It would have been easier to just sit over a coffee table in a newsroom and sort the matter.  But Trump sounded a war horn and Democrats followed suit.

What Trump did by the video was to improve his rating.  He is trying to wake up his loyal army and add new ones. He should have toned down in his graphics.  Democrats are in haste to criticize Trump and protect Ilhan.  Now Democrats have made an aggressor into a victim. By “Someone did something”, Ilhan might be challenging the established fact about who got the twin towers down, Democrats are behind getting the Trump Tower Down!

Ilhan made it worse by staying silent. In her speech, she may not have liked to name the terrorist action, for whatever reason.  With the backlash,  she should have come forward to clarify immediately so that all this hype is put to rest.

What America has to do is, not to  fight over some statement made by someone.  They should stand together in accepting an apology if she meant to say,  some terrorists did something and Muslims in USA suffered. They should stand together in condemning if she meant “something” else.  This fight not about how America has to be governed,  this statement is about the whole country, which needs to be challenged together not fight over it. Some People please do something!



Valentine Horror

The day of love turned into a blood bath in Florida school, 17 young lives lost and 14 injured in what seems to be a irrational act of a  mentally ill, former student of the same school. While many of are busy buying flowers and gifts for the loved ones, many families lost their kids to this senseless act.

We as a society failed these 17 young lives. They did not die a glorious death in a war fighting for their country. They did not die of any illness.  They died because we failed them.

People in power should keep aside their differences and come together a balanced legislation which addresses easy access to assault weapons. More attention towards the mental health of teenagers along with their academic excellence should be given in educational institutions and also at home.

These kind of incidents could not be stopped just by addressing mental health issues or gun availability alone. The Las Vegas shooter never showed any signs of mental health issues. This is much larger than that. They cannot be just categorized into one class.

As a society in pursuit of happiness, its time we stopped and took stock of what we are after and what we really achieved. Easy access to everything made us more restless but not happy. Our lives are an expression of innate desire of wanting more-more money, more wealth, big house, more beauty, more friends, more audience.  When do we say, that’s enough? If we are looking for happiness through outside world-Never.  If ever we see ourselves in the people around us, creatures and in the whole creation, though we may have nothing, we will have everything. This cannot be done through teachings but only if we experience it! We are in constant give and take relationship with trees around us through the breathing mechanism. We just have to experience that oneness.

Lets come together and work towards well being of this whole creation and that should start with individual transformation.


Bombs and Bullets

While the world is pretty much well stacked with supplies of electronics, clothes and food, there is shortage of bombs, guns and bullets. There is so much demand from around the world, the weapons industry is not keeping up.

After a great demand from Syria, ISIS is the new customer cobbling up most of the supplies, orders from Al-shabab, boko haram are increasing, and now the Houthis from Yemen have joined the long customer list. Above all this the governments fighting these rebels placed huge orders.

How are they keeping up. US has a huge domestic demand for guns and bullets and from across the Mexican border. Britain has fixed supplies which cannot be expanded much. India has it wars to fight. Russia has got orders from Ukranian rebels. China has huge military to cater.

Those fighters are capable of making crude bombs but they are not effective. This is a crisis, if we cannot supply arms to these fighting people, we are failed as a modern society. This humanitarian crisis cannot be addressed by private weapon companies alone. Governments have to chip in. We cannot keep the fighters without bombs and weapons as they will get disillusioned. They cannot play hunger games all day long on their iphones and ipads. There needs to be some real action.

If there is no fighting, there is no breaking news. All the News channels become bland and lose out to sports and movie channels. They cannot keep their brave reporters waiting in hotel rooms. The cameras cannot be kept idle or be aimed at calm, normal villages and cities.

Aid organizations cannot be kept idle, They need displaced, hungry, disillusioned people. Brave aid workers need some challenging places to reach.


The land ISIS is occupying is land locked. Where are they getting their weapons from? If we are really hell bent in neutralizing them, we can just stop weapons supply to them. Sophisticated weapons cannot be made on the road side. They must be having very good suppliers.


Gotcha! The roses are hiding here!

Source: The Hindu

September 11

This day 10 years back two metal birds collided with the twin towers of New York, resulting in their collapse and death. What followed was war on terror, resulting in ousting of Taliban in Afghanistan and other wars.  This anniversary is also special with the 9/11 mastermind laid to rest by SEALS in a special operation in Pakistan.

This changed the world in a way. First time US was attacked by terrorists in their own backyard.  The widespread actions and rhetoric of xenophobia against Muslims in US and other places captured the news headlines there after. World lost the Twin Towers, in their place lies rubble and a wound unforgettable.  The way we see our neighbors is not the same anymore, if it was aloofness and ignorance before  the fall,  it was love or hate later. We were asked to take  a stance, for or against terror with no other choice. Air travel is never the same with increased checking and frisking.

USA reacted to this unexpected challenge in a way to make sure no more lapses took place. It ousted the Taliban regime, haven for the terrorists.

It will be never the same for those  who lost their dear ones. we cannot justify one terror strike for another, but can only hope no such strikes take place  in the future.  My deep condolences to the   victims of 9/11 and there after.


Not again!

After 4 months of stay(I will say holiday)  in India  I am again sent to America. That too when the recession is spreading its tentacles everywhere. The Big three of  Detroit auto industry are shutting down some of their plants completely and some temporarily for the ghosts. See I am here in Michigan. All Americans feel that we are taking away their jobs (yes thats true in some sense) but that is the game played by managers, administrators, the countries and we are just part of it. Anyways I am not having a great time though the weather is not hostile in this part of the year.

Yesterday I read an article about the oil reserves of America. The writer was lamenting why they are not been explored and why they are sending the dollars into the hands of people who do not share America’s principles. (No one shares America’s principles of forcing globalisation on other countries by threatening, or creating false allegations on Iraq of possessing neuclear weapons. (YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE – “WAG THE DOG”) No one shares America’s oil principles.

America sits on huge reserves of oil on and off its coast and it is saving them for the future. They are buying fuel when they need not and burning them to power the cars made by BIG 3 – Now Japanese and Korean cars are competing to burn them.  They are waiting for the reserves outside USA to be exhausted. Believe me guys this is a flawed policy. USA would not be in a position to enjoy this saved oil in the future. Who knows the Russians might have already started ( or may find a way) trans-continental oil exploration and selling  your oil to you.

My head got heated up! I am wasting a lot of energy. I need to save energy for the future. America would not agree with it (just burn it, its not ours. We have a lot in our belly). I am not its citizen too..