NYAY scheme – Flawed to begin with

Its another election gimmick from Congress party.  After being in power for over 50 years and now they have woke up to do social justice!
Giving Rs 72000 per year to 20% poor people of India, by no means will alleviate poverty.
From being in power for over 50 years, Congress did not learn a thing about poverty. Poverty is not about just lacking money, its also lack of  basic amenities, lack of support from the system, lack of opportunities to participate in economic and social activity.
Only way to alleviate poverty is to make basic needs available to all the people, provide infrastructure, bring business friendly environment, cultivate a sense of nationhood so that everyone can participate in the work force.  That is what Mr. Modi has done for 4 years. made electricity accessible to every house hold, build roads, support startup companies, provide interest free loans to women.

Where will you get this money from? Trump?
If you give money to 20% of  poor people called A.  next year another set B is formed… and this is a endless cycle. no matter how much money you give, few people will be poor compared to others if you gage them in terms of money they possess!
And where are you getting this money from? Will Trump give it? Will EU give it? You only take it from middle class who are already under burden of heavy taxes?

Vetted by Raghuram Rajan!
This scheme is purportedly vetted by former RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan.
“It has to be a way of creating a platform for them to become regular contributors of the workforce,” The New Indian Express quoted him as saying. Rajan said the scheme, which promises Rs 72,000 per annum to the poorest 20% families of the country, is doable.

I want to ask this great economist on what basis this is could pave way for contribution to workforce? Where on earth did this happen? Giving away free money makes people do no work.  And seeing that more people will follow suit, destroying the whole economy.
Idle people are booze stores’ workshops.  This will lead to more hardships to women.

What about Inflation?
Mr. Rajan did not mention anywhere about the effect of free money on the inflation.  Extra cash leads to higher prices and thus at the end of 5 years, Rs.72000 will only be worth 7000 compared to present value.

I did not expect this from an Economist of his calibre, unless he wants to pay back to Congress for making him RBI governor or for some future favors!


Alas! the results are out

After a wait of three weeks after first voting, the results are out.
Congress won the majority to form government at centre and in AP.  Its sad that TDP did not win.
Its interesting to watch what Chiranjeevi is going to do. Wish him a long life in public service.
Any way whoever is going to come,  is going to loot, never visit the place he is elected from. They don’t have to because they have bought the vote with money and liquor. It is our choice and its waste of making third person comments. We are part of the rotten system. No matter what we say, we stink of rust.

I hoped there will be a new government which would lay new roads in Hyderabad. That hope is lost. these hoodlums are again going to just patch the holes as they form. I dont know why i feel helpless. I am not acting. I am standing in line with infinte line of citizens waitin for someone to make a step forward. there are a few who are dare to step forward but are thrown away into darkness.

No matter what these stinking leaders throw at us, we sincerely go through our routine of over crowded cities, dry farm lands, filthy slums.

It goes on until some foriegn force again takes over the country. I pray that not to happen. but do nothing to avert that.

I did not vote

I did not vote this time too. I am not feeling quilty because I applied for the voter ID card online but my name was not in the voter list. I don’t know whom to blame for this. Partly me. I applied in the last minute.
Anyway this time too I leave the election to others some of whom sold themselves to money and liquor. I am partly to blame.
Even if you vote to any party seeing the manifesto or the promises of the local candidate, it is not guaranteed that they will be implemented. They have no accountability.
It is like you give your dog something to eat for five years, after that it stands before you wagging its tail.  What are all these dogs going to do once there will be nothing left in the country and no swiss biscuits.