Who washed my clothes anyways!

It was  middle of the working week and a holiday, not an ideal position for it! But have to take it because it seems only the public holidays  cannot be made working! (we worked on Ugadi, Shivrathri, Dussehra last year!)
Why not go and see watch DhobiGhat,

My friend has written a nice review of the movie, you can read it at following link http://www.bharathreddyt.com/blog/2011/01/26/dhobi-ghat-review/
If you already watched the movie or know the story it will be little fun to read below
I have given clothes to this dhobi  Munna! , it has been a week since I have seen him gone with my clothes! It had all my office going formal stuff except one. Oh My God how to go to office! I do not know where he lives. I start searching on the beach road.
About a month back, There was a girl in the taxi busy filming  the beach road with her handy-cam, looked happy and joyous (should be new to Mumbai). There seems to be no privacy even on the rainy day. I was wearing my favorite red dotted black shirt for the occasion (my first date). Before I could kiss, here comes the madam with her Handy-cam! hmm.

My Dhobi. Please let me know if you find him


I could not find him anywhere on the beach road! I heard that he goes regularly to the house of one painter Arun! I went to Painter Arun’s exhibition with a colleague!  Everyone was standing tall and I could not see any paintings and everyone was busy trying to talk to the Painter without seeing his work. I wanted to ask him if he could suggest someone to paint my house and follow him outside, he was busy with  a girl dressed in white ( I overheard her name was Shaai Edulji from USA) ! Natural inclination!
I somehow got the address of the painter and  decided to ask him for Munna’s address! Saala mere kapde leke gaya! I was trying to locate the house of the painter and saw the same girl Shaai going out of an apartment complex angrily . This should be his house!  I got into the lift and it stops in the middle! . Finally the help reaches after 20 minutes. I knock at the door of the painter. A middle aged somber looking guy opens with expectation but sighs seeing me!
Hi, are you Painter Arun? no reply, He should be the painter.
Actually I am looking for Munna, the Dhobi, he took my clothes and did not get them back, can you tell me where he lives?
I don’t know but, he was here, left just now! Oh man I hate lifts !
I go to office that day with  the lone pair of formals left!
The next day I got to Arun’s house but he was not there, his lease has expired and left for a new house.
I went to office with the same dress! I wish this be made the office uniform.

Oh man where to find this dhobi?  Whole week I went to office with the same dress and people seemed to notice but no one asked.

On Sunday  day I saw Shaai(from USA) near a pub with her friends, I followed their car to her apartment.
I thought I will ask her tomorrow if she knew about the Dhobi by any chance. The next I knock the door of Shaai house, maid opens the door. Her expression was like ” I am the owner here, what do you want” . I speak to her politely and ask about the Dhobi Munna. With that name she grew restless and started her tirade. “That filthy rogue, he was here jest now, he brought madam’s dress ( He is washing everyone’s clothes, where are mine) . My madam was impressed by him, I don’t know what black magic he did, He asked to make his portfolio , want to become hero , actor banega, actor! “
Where are they now?
“They both went to make the portfolio just now!”
Again missed, I can’t go to office with the same dress.
She tells me ” He also washes clothes at  another place where my friend Ringa is a maid”
“Thank you very much , what is your name anyways madam?
“Rosy” , Ringa Ringa the friend of Rosy.


My colleague finally asked about the dress. ” Arey Yaar, I have 5 pairs of them, got it cheap”
Hey Dhobi, I will wash you in your own blood.

I go to the place where Ringa works, I knock the door and the maid opens the door, she looks questioningly without speaking a word.
“Actually your friend Rosy has sent me here, I am looking for…..”
Before I could complete my sentence, she opens her mouth animatedly, ” She called me yesterday and told about you”. Every news is old with women, spreads like fire.
She says sadly, “Munna was thrown out, he will not come here”
“He is not coming regularly here”. Munna is not coming to me at all
“He is busy with a new girl these days, some girl from US, he brought her for taking some photos, so funny”
She tells in low voice,“Actually my madam not happy about it, he and my madam go inside the bedroom regularly”
“Oh I see” . Lucky Dhobi!
A voice comes from inside, “Ringa who is it?”
“No one madame, salesperson,” “I think you can get him at the dhobi Ghat” She tells me.
I somehow get the address of the dhobighat, and go there after the office.
Man, what a crowded place! I search for Munna but could not find him anywhere, might be roaming around with the girl. Suddenly, I spotted the painter with the girl going inside one of the houses.
Painter Saala, need some inspiration I think, may be recreation!
I go into a cafe and order Phav Bhaji, I ask the man opposite me ” Khute Munna, dhobi”
He says he does not know. I suddenly saw Munna going into the painter’s house. I run after him.
I saw Munna staring at the  door closed on his face, might have seen them in a compromising position, he turns around dejected, and seems to have not noticed me. I stop him and ask “Where are my clothes?”
He just brushes me aside and runs down. Then even the girl comes out running after him, A love Triangle hmm!
Before I could catch them they head somewhere in a car.
Another week with the same pair of clothes, and this time it became talk of the office. My boss came to my place and asks before everyone about it.
I got angry,“You know what, my clothes are with the dhobi and he did not bring them, and with the kind of salary you give I have to save for six months even to buy socks” . Even I could not bear the silence after that.

Next day I go to the painter’s house, I knocked the door but no answer, I look inside, Arun was  busy watching a video, and looked shocked, I could hear a lady’s voice . Something might be wrong.
I heard from someone that you could find Munna at night. I go home at came back that night searching the streets, There was rat hunter with a stick and torch, and suddenly from another lane Shaai materializes clicking photos of the Rat hunter. This girl is crazy, I look at the rat hunter, this is Munna. He starts running after seeing Shaai, this girl is destroying my life. She follows but in vain.
I found the address of Munna and go there only to find Munna’s cousin lose his life in a gang tussle. Bad time to ask for my clothes.

Now it has become regular for me to go around Dhobi ghat searching for Munna,  then realized that I am not alone. Shaai, of course with her camera, was also looking for him.
One day we spotted Munna at the ghat, seeing Shaai he runs into the lanes, I follow them. She catch holds him somehow and they keep talking something, I was waiting for my turn.
Shaai leaves in the black car and Munna suddenly starts running after it, Me too.
He runs dangerously between cars, and could not keep pace with him. Suddenly got hold of him saying bye to Shaai in the car.
“Where are my clothes ”
“what clothes”
“Those you took from apt 10, beach road before two weeks”
“Aah, I remember “
“You washed everyone’s clothes but not mine, why?
“Because you pay less and I was little busy”
Rich-poor divide.
“when will you give my clothes”
” I stopped washing clothes, you will get your clothes tomorrow”

I had no choice but to go back home. Next day a bundle of clothes were at the door step. At last I got my clothes neatly pressed.
If not Munna, Who washed my clothes anyways?

It was really good movie, with good performances from everyone. and the director  Kiran Rao is true to what she wanted to show. Great background score and sound mixing. This is not for those looking for melodrama, fights or stupid jokes!

courtesy: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

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Hey, I watched Delhi-6 today. I know this is too late to watch a good (sorry I should say Great) movie. I have my own pace of doing things.  After watching I asked one of the guys,  “What’s your thought of the movie” . He says “It’s a slow movie. NO entertainment”
Is this the reason I liked it very much?  Read below.
The movie revolves around the Kaala Bandar (black monkey – I would translate it to Dark monkey) which runs havoc in Delhi -6 area. It  tries to drive the sumo onto the police inspector, tries to rape the young wife of  a rich old man. Interestingly Roshan (Abhishek Bachhan)   happens to be the spectator, each time the black monkey does some mischief.  The police administration declares a reward for catching the black monkey.  People start who this man in th guise of Black monkey is giving them sleepless nights. The Hindus ask why only their households are getting attacked. Muslims revert back saying they too are attacked. Tempers flare among the two communities among the allegations. Once Delhi -6 which was living so harmoniously gets split up overnight and people start attacking each other. Roshan’s Grand mother (Waheda Rahman) who comes back to India to spend her last days  and die among her own people peacefully, is broken seeing all these.
In the climax, Roshan inorder to save his love Bittu (Some Kapoor, beautiful and bubbly though) and his own fighting people dons the physical form of  the Black  Monkey and gets caught. He is beaten up badly.  the People  in a moment of thought realize that the Black monkey  is the evil which is residing  inside  each of them.

The film is goes on smoothly with the  story of  Ramayana shown in parallel.  All credit to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for such a good script. But this film lacks the youthfulness as Rang De Basanti which is  similar film. May be that’s the reason the film is not such a big hit. But I feel, the screenplay would have been more tight to convey what he really wanted to show.

This film shows how people try to give name, shape to the evil which is in everyone of us.  We try to identify the evil as something external to us, someone who are of  different religion, caste, place, age, country, continent, different part of universe or who  clean their ass differently, who eat differently or who looks different!  and forget that we are all human beings. In the moment of  crisis we give up the rational thinking of a human being. Its like I am riding my bike and blaming others for causing pollution. How stupid it would be. The Film also shows how we, in the event of crisis, we divide ourselves rather than uniting  and allow the evil to succeed.

I have read in one of the books that ” Whatever is not known is  dark and evil”. May be are all failing to recognize the unknown, dark part of our self  and its deeds. we just brush of as the act of others.   Lets try to know the dark side of ourselves and contain it.

A very good performances from all the cast, especially Waheda Rahman and Abhishek who wonderfully lived the role of  foreign born guy of Indian Origin.

I dont think I bored you.