Valentine Horror

The day of love turned into a blood bath in Florida school, 17 young lives lost and 14 injured in what seems to be a irrational act of a  mentally ill, former student of the same school. While many of are busy buying flowers and gifts for the loved ones, many families lost their kids to this senseless act.

We as a society failed these 17 young lives. They did not die a glorious death in a war fighting for their country. They did not die of any illness.  They died because we failed them.

People in power should keep aside their differences and come together a balanced legislation which addresses easy access to assault weapons. More attention towards the mental health of teenagers along with their academic excellence should be given in educational institutions and also at home.

These kind of incidents could not be stopped just by addressing mental health issues or gun availability alone. The Las Vegas shooter never showed any signs of mental health issues. This is much larger than that. They cannot be just categorized into one class.

As a society in pursuit of happiness, its time we stopped and took stock of what we are after and what we really achieved. Easy access to everything made us more restless but not happy. Our lives are an expression of innate desire of wanting more-more money, more wealth, big house, more beauty, more friends, more audience.  When do we say, that’s enough? If we are looking for happiness through outside world-Never.  If ever we see ourselves in the people around us, creatures and in the whole creation, though we may have nothing, we will have everything. This cannot be done through teachings but only if we experience it! We are in constant give and take relationship with trees around us through the breathing mechanism. We just have to experience that oneness.

Lets come together and work towards well being of this whole creation and that should start with individual transformation.



MahaShivarathri – The day I looked out of the well…

This day seven years ago I received a phone call from my friend, Bharath and it was close to midnight. Luckily I was awake and on my way home from second shift.
“Switch on the TV and watch Aastha Channel”
A devotional channel in the night? I asked “Whyy?”
“Its Mahashivarathri and there is live music and its great” quipped my friend.
I switched the TV on and here was some anonymous drummers performing live.
I was just drawn in and there is no looking back.

It was the day(night) I looked out of the well and was really beautiful…
I owe it to my friend for remembering me and giving me a call while he was in the midst of such an energetic space.

From then on, yoga has been part of my life and I wait eagerly for MahaShivarathri – The night of nameless ecstasies
This year its on Feb 24th 2017. A night-long Celebration happens at Isha Yoga center Coimbatore with Discourses by Sadhguru, Powerful Meditations and some great music to keep you awake. The live web-stream can be watched at or on TV.

to know about the significance of Mahashivarathri click the link below

The Greek Party

A boy named Greece was invited to a party. He was a simple boy and was excited about going to the party hosted by EU.
He naively asked, “Do I have bring any presents?”.
“No, you just come and enjoy”, replied Germany

The boy was welcomed to a grand opening. There was so much food, different varieties of cakes – chocolate, vanilla, French, German.  “Can I have everything, Do I have to pay anything?” asked the boy.
“Yes, what you can have is unlimited, its free” replied France.
Greece had eaten enough for a week, he was so happy. He wished there was a party once every week.EU said, “Its pleasure having you here, you can come daily”,
“Daily!!”, the boy was dumbstruck.
He went to the party daily, he stopped cooking at home and sold his cookware, Spent his money in buying rich German cars, French jets, Korean TVs.

Life was a dream until one day, he was not allowed into the party.
“The party was free for only a week, You need to pay for rest of the parties.”, said IMF, the party organizer.
“But the invitation did not say anything. See, its here, written in Greek” bemoaned the boy.
IMF showed the little note at the corner, *CONDITIONS APPLY.
“Its not written in Greek!”
“You could have asked or found a translator” quipped EU.
“You cannot do this, I forgot how to cook, I do not have equipment to cook, I will go hungry.”
“You got a week to pay off your arrears, or you will be expelled”

If Greece does not meet Tuesday night deadline, it will be the first developed nation to default on debt payment.
The Free Trade agreements, to boost the flow of goods more freely are faulty and exploitative.  The goods are just moving in one direction and some nations are losing their work force, industries. Greek yoghurt is famous but I won’t be surprised if they do not make it in Greece anymore, they may be just importing from behind the Alps!

The so called Free Trade Agreements(FTAs) have destroyed corn farming in Mexico (Mexico receives corn, it send drugs back!), shut many industries in eastern Europe,  FTAs are beautiful thing if they do not destroy the local industries and agriculture. They have to complimentary to existing livelihood.

The free money that is available world over to boost the economies around the world is destroying some. You will lose money in switzerland, if you invest in bonds, as there is enough free cash!
There is no limit to the money we can print, but there are limits to resources available. you cannot print water, oil, air!

ISIS, new global terrorist organization, has taken a leaf from globalization. They have  diverse fighters sourced from the banks of all world rivers. Britishers need not go and die in Tunisia if ISIS had stuck to its territory in Syria. Instead they are forging Free Terror Agreements ( FTAs) with different regions of the world. The way, the world has one factory in CHINA, ISIS(now you cannot blame it to be communist) wants to be the world’s Terror factory!

Greece has recognized that the party has come to an end the hard way. And now ISIS has to recognize that they cannot get weapons from its patrons forever, the Greek Party will come to an end one day, and also the world too should know it…..

A Good Friday

Today we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the beloved son of God. Jesus let his blood spill for the sake of the masses. And now 2015 years later, are we living up to him?
We have achieved tremendous progress all aspects of life. We have all the comforts, one can dream of. We landed on Moon, and sent messengers to Mars. But are we living up to Jesus?

Jesus was killed for saying something different from the things that were in vogue. He was killed for trying to steer people away from ignorance, for showing them a better way to live. He was killed for showing people the way to reach the Kingdom of God, the permanent abode of everyone.

His crucifixion symbolizes how the Romans and people in power did not tolerate a different path of thinking, a new way of perceiving things around us. Are we any better today? We have the understanding of sub atomic particles, but are we willing to listen, accommodate a different way of thinking or life?

Jesus bore tremendous pain. He pardoned the soldiers who hit him, drove nails into him.
Are we today any forgiving and hold any love towards others? Do we as a society today any better than the Romans of that time?
we are still Cold, opportunistic, unforgiving, desperate for power.

There are wars in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen. Daily gun battle in Mexican borders, Nigeria. It is a shame that someone should be at war in order to keep the defense industry from bankruptcy, someone has to take the bullet for food to reach other one’s plate, neighbors have to fight so as to keep the defense industry to show growth.

Come lets us all come together and resurrect the soul of human kind and be aware of our environment. Let us all be forgiving, compassionate and become self-conscious. Let us all immerse in the radiance of Jesus and adorn kingdom of God, that is this earth too.

Happy Easter.

An Hour that Strikes Twice

Come November and Daylight saving time (DST) ends in most of the countries close to north pole. You get an hour extra to sleep on the first Sunday of the month. Or you can watch a two-hour movie in one hour if you start it at 1AM (First one). Most of us wake up to find the cell phones and computers clocked back one hour while manual ones are ahead. You may be little confused unless it strikes you, not first time but at least the second time!

And this day the debate over its effectiveness comes alive. May be you hit 1, twice, the box opens. Personally I think advancing clock one hour in the summer helps in doing more activities. You may be going to bed early but you don’t want to see sun raising at 4 in the morning. At least you can console yourselves that Sun rise happens at 5am.
Kids can play longer outside until the mosquitoes wake up and get active, elders can work on their gardens or work out their bodies/mind. I don’t know how much electricity it saves but you have sunlight for the most of the time you are active.

Its Halloween

The way leading to the place we are all invited was dark. We neared the entrance, black robes were hanging down as if snakes waiting for the frogs. We entered and the place was gloomy, strange orange-colored creatures with big scary eyes and wide mouths were staring at us. One was really scary with mouth side open, showing all its teeth and chewing a head on one side of the mouth, spewing intestines. there was an old ping-pong table on one corner with cobweb engulfing from all sides. Immediately above the table there were skeletons hanging. There was a flashing light one side of the hall as if warning us to go away.

This was not scary at all but was refreshing as it broke the cycle of scary daily routine. The lunch room, decorated for the Halloween party was more welcoming than on any other normal day. There was a rabbit like creature running around the tables while two self-styled doubles champions at Seoul Olympics playing ping-pong over the cobwebbed table. A monster was chasing a roadie with fake tattoos over his hands while a single spectacle-d detective watching over is big mustache. And there was Joe.
There were the funny looking characters among the routinely dressed revelers. A few were tasting the chili while others munching the hot dogs they got from Mean Weenie. Somehow Weenie was not so mean today!

pumpkin carving

It was a fun party, a nice break from the routine unless you are working with Troy (my colleague). Nice to see many participate in Pumpkin carving(many were first time carving the fat pumpkins) and Chili making a few appearing in Halloween costumes.

P.S.: The place was Henniges Automotive lunch room and occasion was Halloween party.