Valentine Horror

The day of love turned into a blood bath in Florida school, 17 young lives lost and 14 injured in what seems to be a irrational act of a  mentally ill, former student of the same school. While many of are busy buying flowers and gifts for the loved ones, many families lost their kids to this senseless act.

We as a society failed these 17 young lives. They did not die a glorious death in a war fighting for their country. They did not die of any illness.  They died because we failed them.

People in power should keep aside their differences and come together a balanced legislation which addresses easy access to assault weapons. More attention towards the mental health of teenagers along with their academic excellence should be given in educational institutions and also at home.

These kind of incidents could not be stopped just by addressing mental health issues or gun availability alone. The Las Vegas shooter never showed any signs of mental health issues. This is much larger than that. They cannot be just categorized into one class.

As a society in pursuit of happiness, its time we stopped and took stock of what we are after and what we really achieved. Easy access to everything made us more restless but not happy. Our lives are an expression of innate desire of wanting more-more money, more wealth, big house, more beauty, more friends, more audience.  When do we say, that’s enough? If we are looking for happiness through outside world-Never.  If ever we see ourselves in the people around us, creatures and in the whole creation, though we may have nothing, we will have everything. This cannot be done through teachings but only if we experience it! We are in constant give and take relationship with trees around us through the breathing mechanism. We just have to experience that oneness.

Lets come together and work towards well being of this whole creation and that should start with individual transformation.



Say Sorry!

There was so much noise in the class that day. The teacher who was supposed to come was absent and all the students were having a good time. Suddenly from no where the Principal(P-pal) came. I was sitting in the last row and he asked to put forth my hand.  I did not participate in any competition and I wasn’t expecting any prize. Instead he took out the cane and starts hitting me on the palm. “SAY SORRY”, he was saying.
What? What are you saying?
Seeing the question on my face, he repeated ” SAY SORRY, SAY SORRY”.
Oh! I said SORRY and he stopped hitting me. He moved to the next in line. After four SORRYs he left amid total silence.

I was devastated. I was too studious and sincere to be punished.  I was hit in front of the whole class and the neighbors.  We were in 9th standard and I started to roam with the less studious ones. I stopped going with the studious guys because they were competitors more than friends! I was exploring a different kind of world and here comes this SORRY surprise. What shall I do? How can I show my face to everyone?  I started to cry with my head on the table.

It was lunch time and everyone started to console me. Even the girls  came with water and my lunch box.  Wow,  I was a bit enjoying this attention from the girls. I  was too sincere in crying  that I did not listen to anyone. Old habits die-hard.  They went away and I kept on with my drama.

After that I  became a bit Bindaas(care free).  Thought that would be my last sorry to the P-pal  but not.
One Saturday, I went to school wearing black shoe (Uniform for Saturday was all white).  I had to be punished and waiting in line was more pain than the cane.

“Where are your White Shoes?”
In a drought hit, underdeveloped, district you have to ask  whether  I have eaten food, not about my shoe,  I wanted to say . I flashed my white teeth instead.
The P-pal started hitting me. I said “SORRY, SORRY”, but he continued hitting. After some hitting he mouthed “SAY SORRY”.
“But I already did.”
“Careful boy, you talk to your Principal like that”,  whip, whip. “SAY SORRY”, “SAY SORRY” .

I said the final SORRY  and left for the class.