Today was not a holiday for us, and had to go to office early before  someone colors me up.
I don’t think I would have celebrated Holi and don’t remember celebrating it in the recent past. May be I see some many contrasting colors  in the people, environment, at night, in the day, in the sky, over land, in the sea and I don’t want to change those patterns. And Holi is not just playing with colors, but that is what they do in south, rubbing some harmful colors onto the face, forcefully placing the eggs in others underwear and hitting till they break. This is similar to the timer bombs- place them, blast them from far. I am not sure if they have invented any prank to imitate the Suicide bombings. May be that’s possible only if you wear a common, off course bigger underwear.
When I was small, people were thrown into the sewerage lines and applied grease as part of coloring. Anything good enough to be applied was not spared. They used to come home fully wet, with torn clothes  and heads raised as if  from war. I never went near them,they would have smelt really bad.
Another thing, Holi is celebrated to welcome the spring season at the end of winter and unfortunately in southern India winter is not so cold and the since February its quite hot with temperatures touching 39-40 deg. Celsius. I think spring got compressed somewhere in between and passed before we could notice.
I would have preferred celebrating Holi like it is in some places of the north with song, dance off course bhang. playing with colors only to make others look funny. A complete entertainment.
I really hate playing colors  to subdue others, and no eggs please.

May the colors find way into all our boring lives and turn them interesting, fun filled..

Happy HOLI!