In the name of God I believe in I am posting this blog.
But if you ask to show or describe him, may be I would not be able to convince you.
But I have belief in him as some supernatural power guiding us. In the modern day the concept of God has been threatened by Science, to the extent that it started giving answers to all our questions. Why the earth rotates around the sun. Why the eclipses are formed. …
But there are some large questions science cannot answer. How is universe formed? What is its age? why we have only two eyes,two legs, two hands and only one nose?
The quest for these answers will lead only to lead to God.

That is the reason we have our own image or thought of God and no one can prove them wrong.

In this material world Belief starts where Science ends, We think of God only when science cannot fulfill our needs. We pray God for luck, coincidence. more energy, more power.

But Life will be in peace when we see God in our surroundings and our fellow beings.