Rape the magic (Maya) lady, literally!

Talking about rape these days is not taboo anymore. It has to the extent became so common like the word f***.
People will start saying  “What the rape? ” instead of  “What the f***?” . ” Who the rape are you? or  The policeman would ask “why are you raping around this late in the night?”

To imply the real meaning we have to say ” we are f***ing, literally” ? “she was raped,  literally”. “I was raped, literally by the sons of ministers”. “No literal raping. violators will be  jailed for 10 years”.
Shiney ahuja would be testifying in the court –” I did not rape my maid but I f***ed with her consent and full support” . His lawyer would make a sign to him. Understanding what he missed he would add ” literally”.

Infact Shiney Ahuja should have a controlled himself for some time and gone for the magic lady with the literal and open consent from UP congress head, Rita.  The media would be delighted  to feed this Breaking news of Bollywood – politics crossover.
Rahul Gandhi  is a worried man. May be he has still in his mind the consequences of the raping around, offcourse literally, by the Indian peace keeping force  in Srilanka. He lost his father.
While Magic lady (Mayawati) is busy erecting statues for the Dalit Leaders. In which age is she?  Why do we need Statues giving us directions  when we have got GPS?  I am pretty sure if those leaders are breathing through the statues of theirs they would have already choked  by pollution to few more deaths.
A group of  mentally deranged women at meet in a mental asylum in the border of UP – Bihar and MP. Woman from Bihar says ” You know in our state a rape victim  gets Rs.10000 and pension. Other from MP says “In our state we get Rs.15000 and also pension of Rs.100 per month”. The last one says proudly, ” In UP a rape victim gets Rs.25000, medal and a photo with Mayawati”.  These women are rape victims and are getting treatment  away from the  non repentant society which victimised them.
A family is watching  news on television , A beautiful anchor says ” Honorary chief minister in function has inaugurated  her own statue and later distributed compensation  to a rape victim. She was raped by a group of party workers in local BSP office” . ” Immediately the girl says ” Dad the anchor did not say literallY! “


Another Fodder Scam!

Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has constituted a high level committee to find out why the inflation is increasing when prices of the most essential items are in control. The committee has reported that the rise in inflation is due to the sky rocketing prices of Fodder! The price of fodder has increased more than hundred fold. A private channel has conducted a sting operation and found out that all the fodder in the country is going to Bihar. The recently built Lalu-Rabri Temple is attracting many devotees and God Lalu’s favorite offering -Fodder has become scarce!
Where is all the Fodder offered to God Lalu is going? The nation has to come to terms with another Fodder scam.

With the people’s leaders never visiting the constituencies they are elected from, such temples for them are needed.