Hair-I am worried how you look

A gentle breeze passes by, ruffling my hair
Quickly I rearrange them to a pattern
In no time they are ready for another round of care
I am worried how you look.

Hair- I bathe you thrice a week
Massage you with oil
Comb you neatly
I am worried how you look.

Hair, you are part of of body
But it never pains when you are cut
You still dance when I am in pain
I am still  worried how you look.

I am always worried how you look….


Life-a journey

The route to our destination is a journey.
The Road to success is a journey.
Incidentally, the time we spend on our journey to goal, aim.. is much more than that we stay at our destination. we are not allowed to over stay at the destination  because this is part of another journey called life.