The Road

Any of we men are happy for taking the same road each time we are out?

The Road of life

The Road of Love

Initially, in childhood I traveled by many roads with my parents. Then the destination was important. Then one fine day I started enjoying the travel through the roads. All the roads intersect in the dreams and there I was at the junction.  I pick my favorite like all others and dream of it. That road looks alluring, shining in the morning sun, its curves, junctions, the slopes, signals are mind boggling. I like that road. Its great, i will ride over that one day.  Hey guys yesterday night I was driving over M.G. Road, don’t remember the bike but that was really fantastic, mind blowing. Its when you realize your vocabulary fails  to give you a ride and leave you awestruck in the middle. I will definitely ride over that. You can ride on your dreams, but in real you have  to be dependent on the public Transportation for a ride. Someone else drives for you and most of the time you don’t see the road properly, you have to look through the windows and there are so many vying for them.and you could only see some part of the road. Always I find that the favorite seat beside the driver is filled. Once in a while you get the bike from your father and drive it over some small roads. The video games have the racing but never near to the real thrill. My dad finally gets me a bike but I have to earn the money for the fuel. Most of the time I sit over the bike and dream of driving over M.G. Road. Finally I finish my college and manage a job. Some of the money get into my bike. Finally I prepare myself for the dream ride. The approach roads have become crowded, they were never so busy. I pass all the roads with difficulty but the chance of riding over M.G. Road is invigorating me. By the time I reach the road, it is crowded and no chance of clearing. I keep the engine on there for a day filling it with  anticipation, anxiety, despair. I return in pain. The dreams collide and kept haunting me.  I have a bike and the money for fuel, but my favorite road has no space for me. My friends came to console with  half the heart, other half feeling happy. I kept away from work for days, never touched the bike and isolated myself to a corner but the nightmares drag me into the middle and keep reminding me of the grand, lovely M.G. road. Where am I heading?  It seems everything came to halt, traffic jams everywhere, but the heart keeps beating as if  nothing has happened. I have broken down, and the people around me who gave me a ride or with whom I travel with, the acquaintances at the fuel pump  are left motionless, some feeling pity. My father one day  takes me out saying nothing. I just sit in the car, wear my seat belt. I could not see anything, but we were moving on some road, the vibrations of the car tell me that. Different thoughts keep coming. Everyone was seeing at me as if I were a fool. Yes, I was made a fool. I could not get my love, it became elusive. Finally, papa started speaking. He showed me the  beautiful roads which in his view were so beautiful and were constructed by respected companies. He stopped at  the beginning  of a road, the plaque shows the inauguration date  of some  x road and the construction company’s Y. showed me some more roads, the builder’s reputations, did not describe the roads as they were there before me to look at. I did not understand why he is showing me all this. I did not ask him, he did not say.  Dad is always like this, he never told anything directly. He always left things for us to see, feel and understand. That night I had a dreadful dream. My favorite road is no more a beauty any more,  pot holes everywhere. my sweetheart  looks at me craving for attention, but something was driving me away. NO!  It was a nightmare. I could not deduce what the nightmare implied. Whether I should try again. Next day Dad comes  and sits next to me. “See son, now that you have a job, nice income I think you should settle down. we may not be able to ride the way we dream of, but at least we should continue the journey. There are other dreams and we have some dreams for you too”. He passes to take breath, but he waits for me to think for myself. Yes I need continue the journey, others need not wait for me.

That night I was thinking of the roads papa has shown. This was after a long time I was thinking of the other roads.
The next day I say to DAD  – S. L Road.  Dad was really very  happy and we had a celebration the following month.

A Year later, I was happily travelling over S.L Road, I should say traveling with S.L Road. As I traveled I got understand its curves, bends, its connecting roads, the junctions it passes through.   Life seems new, and in all seasons, in happiness and grief, in joy and pain, the road seems to be there for you. This road has given a new life and together a new one.

Soon the life became routine, I find myself in a circle, no matter how hard I tried, returned back to the same place. The nights became silent and monotonous.  The ride seems uninteresting and bumpy. Did not know whether the tires have worn out or the road. But the heart still craves for some new experience. One fine day I go to office through a different way. The road was not so great but the experience was new. I know my sweetheart is waiting for me but a part of me was craving for change. One day it rebels and stands before me asking for reason. I could see the flashing red light. I stop with my face down ashamed of my lack of loyalty.  I give some reasons. we both knew it was a lie. Life was never the same there after . But as my dad said “The roads are never the same, but we need to continue the journey”


Another Fodder Scam!

Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has constituted a high level committee to find out why the inflation is increasing when prices of the most essential items are in control. The committee has reported that the rise in inflation is due to the sky rocketing prices of Fodder! The price of fodder has increased more than hundred fold. A private channel has conducted a sting operation and found out that all the fodder in the country is going to Bihar. The recently built Lalu-Rabri Temple is attracting many devotees and God Lalu’s favorite offering -Fodder has become scarce!
Where is all the Fodder offered to God Lalu is going? The nation has to come to terms with another Fodder scam.

With the people’s leaders never visiting the constituencies they are elected from, such temples for them are needed.

Do we need Reservations?

Gods who have drunk the Amrutham, observe that its affect is decreasing and they are growing old. They decide to churn the Great ocean (Paala Samudram) once again. One fine day, the Group of  Gods(Devataas) start churning the great ocean  for Amrutham again.
In the middle,  Some Group of  Smaller Gods  give up saying that  Bigger Gods will cheat them like they cheated the Raakshasaas the first time. They never listen to the pleas of  other Devataas. So both groups approach Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva says that some amount of Amrutham is reserved for each group. Satisfied, both groups start churning the ocean again. The Smaller Gods do not put that much effort as Amrutham is guaranteed and less people to share with. The Bigger Gods work hard as they are in more numbers. Smaller Gods become lazy and miss some varaas coming out of the great ocean which needs competency and hard work. Finally Amrutham arrives and Smaller Gods are content with it.  The Bigger Gods become more bigger as they get other blessings(Varaas) from the ocean.
Some of the smaller Gods go to Lord Shiva complaining of discrimination by some members of their group. They plead him to further divide the share and let this be applicable to their children also . Lord Shiva agrees to their wishes. Thathaastu!

The Churning again starts and none of  the smaller Gods  work as their share is guaranteed. They indulge themselves in drinking Wine (Madira) and other pleasures. By the time Amrutham comes out, the Smaller Gods are no more in a position to have Amrutham, they are in deep sleep.
The Bigger Gods become more Bigger.

Reservations are useful in short term but in the long term it makes us incompetent. And Nature has no reservations for anyone.
“The Fittest survives”