Love or Hate, its Valentine’s Day

I don’t know whether you heard “I love you” from your Girl/Boy Friend yesterday, you hear the threats from so-called Indian Culture guardians – ” See a girl and boy together on Valentine’s Day, we marry them off “ .
One fellow asks ” Hey bhai saab, do you send to honey moon also. Hamareko Goa chalega.”
He stands on the side of the road, with his girl friend, so that some Bhajrang Dalwale or Shiv Sainik, Ram Sainik comes and marries them off.   Whole day passes and still there is no sign of any soldier,  he is now afraid of looking into the eyes of his girl friend who was until then beautiful. Now in anger she is more beautiful.
” Hey Paro dont look at like that yaar, I am feeling shy”
He could not  bear any more beauty of the one beside him, he calls his friend in Bajrang Dal.
” Arey Kalyan, Tu kute, Where are you? We are standing on Chattrapati Road, beside Shivaji Statue.”
” We passed by that road,  we did not see you. In which dress are you”
” We are dressed in white”
” You both are dressed in marriage clothes? we saw you man,  thought you are already married. you are such an idiot!”

Those soldiers say Showing love to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day is wrong. Its not our culture.
You can rape women in Goa on any day, but not on Valentine’s Day. Its not our culture.
You can drink and drive, kill people, but not on Valentine’s  Day. Its not our culture.
You can kills girl child before they are born on any day, but not on Valentine’s  Day. Its not our culture.

Anyways belated Valentine’s Day wishes, and my love.