Slutwalk and Sluttalk

As the sun rose over Delhi on Sunday, it was like any other Sunday, but it was the day of  SlutWalk athaarth Besharmi Morcha and a little bit of Slut talk. People especially women from all walks of life marched against sexual prejudice and gender discrimination . The Slutwalk protest movement originated in Canada in April this year after a policeman said women could avoid rape by not dressing like ‘sluts’.

The Slogan that were raised were ‘Walk of no shame’, ‘Stop staring, women are not aliens from Venus’, ‘Change your thinking not our clothes’ and others.

We have got something to be Ashamed of!

Women should be asking why do we men see them like that?  because we don’t understand what you are!
That’s why we keep staring  hoping we comprehend something, but nothing seems to be happening.

The source of  all this slut talk is that men will not stop staring and they like seeing women.  This is the source of inspiration for many a writers, poets, musicians….and also rapists, eve teasers.. Once in the eyes of public, women have no choice  of their admirers.

But as we are talking about the way of dressing, its important to dress based on the occasion, climate outside and inside people’s minds . Its better to avoid being in regrettable situations as there are many perverts around and this world is basically sluttish.  Meanwhile we need to see  how we can dissolve the market of beauty and sex.  We  also need to change is the attitude of stereotyping women based on their way of dressing.  And  its the duty of every man to treat their inspirations equally or more equally!

Many a fans of the SlutWalk are disappointed that there were no lingerie, short skirts, fishnet stockings as seen in other Slut Walks. Men will never change!


What does a Woman Want?

It’s Women’s Day and again the Women are in the forefront of discussion.
What does a Woman Want? What are they about? This is one of the most challenging questions facing the men world. Man has explored moon, many planets but could not find what  a woman wants, what’s going on in her mind.
” I have given her so many presents, was so caring but she avoids me now” says one of the dejected man.
This has been an elusive answer to man for centuries.   There is a saying that God has created Man first and then Woman.  Woman is more latest and man is a little old and this needs a quite an improvement on part of man to understand the software of woman.  This inclination to know about women arises out of the man’s need to have Woman by his side more than woman’s need for man’s company.
But as we observe in our daily encounters that women are no much different in likes and dislikes. They too like working, going for adventures, sharing light moments with friends, like gossip….
“But they are unpredictable, its difficult to know about their mood swings” says one.  Of course they are unpredictable compared to man’s behavioral patterns and expectations. Naturally, woman’s reaction to man’s expectations would  be different so the man should stop expecting too much and start to be practical.
I am not providing any solution as I am also in pursuit of that. “What do woman want?”

Please do not go by the movies of India and some movies of Hollywood where women have no other thoughts other than wooing the hero. They only show how a man expects a woman to be, easy, and uncomplicated, doting and stupid. But in real life they are quite different.

Lot of Women go by emotions regarding decisions,especially, over relationships which is beyond all logic and reasoning and that is very difficult to predict even with any advanced computer analyzer. So we need to always be in the radar of woman’s emotions so that we can smell something.  Now don’t ask me how to get so close to a woman.

What’s in her mind?

This is some adventure for everyone who wants to know what’s  in the mind of a woman and should be ready for all the emotional surprises. At least we can make a good attempt by being truthful and treating them with respect and love.

Please share your comments and experiences in the Comments section

We are Raped! Did we ask for it?

30 NOV 2009:  The students in OU have peacefully assembled to express their support to Telangana statehood. The police entered the Campus, surrounded the students, chased and beat them cruelly.
A APSRTC bus heading towards its destination was stopped by the protestors and all the passengers were forced to disembark and before all its patrons, the doors and windows of the bus were torn and glasses broken. It was humiliated. It was followed by torching it with petrol.  Ten more buses were reported to be damaged in Telangana due to the protests by TRS and Students.

1 DEC 2009, GOA: A 25 year old Russian woman was raped by the local politician, John Fernandes in his car  after physically assaulting her. She lodged a complaint with the police and was harassed by the police to withdraw the complaint. The Politicians tried to cover it up under the mat.  They are worried about the image of Goa ahead of the tourist season.

1 DEC 2009:  More students beaten, many more buildings and private vehicles were  damaged, windows broken, more buses were torched. More Bandhs, more property losses, closures, more rapes…

These violations are happening in broad day light and we stand their spectators. Some deranged people dictate terms, pass the rules, call for bandhs, force to shut down the businesses, schools, lathi-charge the students, rape the women..

It is not the buses which which are damaged but our right to freedom, it is not the glasses which are broken but our right to stand by our human values,  It is not the students those are beaten, but our Freedom of Expression,  It is not the Russian woman who was raped, but our right to Existence.

The buses were damaged by the same people who travelled by them, the buildings and shopping malls were damaged by the people who come there to live, do shopping. The students and people were beaten by the police who are meant to protect them. The Russian woman was raped by the Goan who posed as a friend and to drop her.  But the Congress MP from Goa,  Shantaram Naik says that “THE WOMAN ASKED FOR IT………”

Martyrdom if raped

The recent announcement by UP Chief Minister to give Rs. 25000 compensation to the rape victims is fundamentally flawed. It showcases the inability or unwillingness of the government to bring the accused under the law. Its like you commit the sin, I will cleanse it. It seems to be a very good scheme for the rapists.
Does Mayawati think that the rape victims will be given a hero’s welcome  at home after collecting the money from her? “Hail the great warrior, she withstood the overtures of  sex maddened animals and going to bear the pain for the rest of her life.”
How can a crime which traumatises the victim, can be undone by monetary compensation?
The anguish of the UP Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi is understandable, but the words she used only leads to another controversy. This has resulted into a skirmish between the BSP and congress and the main issue is sidelined.

Rape the magic (Maya) lady, literally!

Talking about rape these days is not taboo anymore. It has to the extent became so common like the word f***.
People will start saying  “What the rape? ” instead of  “What the f***?” . ” Who the rape are you? or  The policeman would ask “why are you raping around this late in the night?”

To imply the real meaning we have to say ” we are f***ing, literally” ? “she was raped,  literally”. “I was raped, literally by the sons of ministers”. “No literal raping. violators will be  jailed for 10 years”.
Shiney ahuja would be testifying in the court –” I did not rape my maid but I f***ed with her consent and full support” . His lawyer would make a sign to him. Understanding what he missed he would add ” literally”.

Infact Shiney Ahuja should have a controlled himself for some time and gone for the magic lady with the literal and open consent from UP congress head, Rita.  The media would be delighted  to feed this Breaking news of Bollywood – politics crossover.
Rahul Gandhi  is a worried man. May be he has still in his mind the consequences of the raping around, offcourse literally, by the Indian peace keeping force  in Srilanka. He lost his father.
While Magic lady (Mayawati) is busy erecting statues for the Dalit Leaders. In which age is she?  Why do we need Statues giving us directions  when we have got GPS?  I am pretty sure if those leaders are breathing through the statues of theirs they would have already choked  by pollution to few more deaths.
A group of  mentally deranged women at meet in a mental asylum in the border of UP – Bihar and MP. Woman from Bihar says ” You know in our state a rape victim  gets Rs.10000 and pension. Other from MP says “In our state we get Rs.15000 and also pension of Rs.100 per month”. The last one says proudly, ” In UP a rape victim gets Rs.25000, medal and a photo with Mayawati”.  These women are rape victims and are getting treatment  away from the  non repentant society which victimised them.
A family is watching  news on television , A beautiful anchor says ” Honorary chief minister in function has inaugurated  her own statue and later distributed compensation  to a rape victim. She was raped by a group of party workers in local BSP office” . ” Immediately the girl says ” Dad the anchor did not say literallY! “

Happy Women’s Day

“Give one Day for Women, and the rest 364 are ours”  That’s what I feel is the men’s attitude about all the attention given to March 8. Woman’s Day.
We men by instinct may not give women their due respect, equal status or recognition…. What I would like to say  is ” If they don’t give it, Take  it”.
I am not challenging but this is the truth that these men will never understand or don’t care to recognize a woman’s real worth, talent, selfless love, caring, patience…. May be men should take rebirth as women to feel that..

Happy day and wish you all success for today and for days to come..