New Year!

Aah one more New Year. One more year  which was new one year back has become old! It passed but has left us with some fond, forgettable memories. It left us with a past full of experiences to refer back and become wise. I don’t know what would be ones choice ” Being young and learn through mistakes or being old and become wise” . Many would go for being young due to the energy and youthfulness associated with it. But do we  have a choice?

I used to wish always ” Being young again and correct my mistakes and fulfill all my wishes and longings.” Alas I have no TIME MACHINE!  But the thing is I always had those wishes in my mind and had my share of opportunities but did not use them. Now I repent over them.  The problem is I went (and even now I am going sometimes) for easy choices. Here is the Opportunity to make things easy for the future.  Only now I am making an effort  to do things I always wanted to do and not feel the same about the previous uneventful years.

Let’s see what happens.

Let there be Happiness in Despair
Let there be Light in Darkness
Let there be Smile among Sorrows
Let there be Hope in Despair
Let there be Peace and No War
Let there be Love and no Hate
Let there be Joy and no boredom
Let there be Space for everyone
Let there be Sharing and no Jealousy
Let there be a Happy New Year

A very Happy and Eventful New Year 2011 to all of You!