Love Love Love and Love again!

Love Love Love and Love again!
This is the subject that is never out of vogue in Indian movies. The times have changed, from sending messages through birds to tweeting but Love remains. This is one human emotion that has guaranteed returns for producers, whether its combination of rich boy- poor girl or poor girl – rich boy,  good for nothing boy-calm girl and now boy-boy, girl-girl.

How do the male and female lead fall in love?  Boy sees this most beautiful girl in the whole world and suddenly realizes he is a man! Till that point the boy remains a stone unmoved to any other woman and this girl appears out of nowhere and Sun rises for the boy.  He sends signals through his sly smile, send messages through her friends, send letters, sings song. The female lead remains unmoved by this unrelenting attention.

Then one day she sees a benevolent act of our hero, and she falls for him! It could be as simple as donating a Rupee to a beggar, helping an old man cross a busy road, stopping his bike for children to pass by! The young people who look for ways to woo a girl miss this simple point – following a traffic rule may help you get a girl!  If benevolence does not work then she gets to see the hero’s masculinity through beating bad guys.  These so called bad guys need to be given Oscars for their acting. Its very difficult to act being beaten while they could have easily overpowered the hero with single hand.

We might have seen many instances in real life where a not so good looking guy gets a very beautiful girl.  Everyone asks how. Without pondering much we just brush it aside saying “Love is blind”. In Bollywood movies, a girl falls for silly reasons – beating bad buys, helping  friend’s love, helping her father!, singing and pestering her in public! Every time I see such movies, I wish young boys do not take girls for granted.

Most of these movies end by the time they overcome all the rich-poor, caste, regional obstacles. Not many dare to show what happens after they get married!  After the initial sparks are replaced by little skirmishes, much more love (patience) is needed between them to stay together!

One of my college teachers (with a broken heart) has given us a lesson on love! Never he stayed for length of class except that day.  He said there is no scientific basis for Love.  You cannot prove love! May be, he is still grappling with why his love interest rejected him.  Love between two young individuals is as natural as a plant’s tendency to blossom. Feeling love is natural but we expect that a particular person feel the same about you. Without approaching the boy/girl, talking to them, you expect them to feel your love! If that does not happen, you curse everyone, everything. Even a sunflower bends towards Sun for more light so do something or look somewhere else.  But youngsters should never take  the extreme step of harming themselves or the other person.  Relax and look at all the married people, I am pretty sure your anger dies down! Do not think you will be different, keeping two people together needs much more than love.  If love alone keeps people together, then there would be no divorces. All those vows of “staying together until death makes us apart”  will evaporate if you do not open up your life to accommodate the other person.

We have seen many instances where physical and emotional togetherness do not last long and people suffer the separation. While women demand more attention, men turn wayward. In India, there are no vows in a marriage, its an energy process where energies of the two individuals are matched to function as one.  While this has watered down to minimal rituals,  its expected that this process be repeated every year.  This does not happen anymore. It could be the reason why marriage is bliss for only an year for many!

Sadhguru says: “The English expression, “Falling in love,” is significant because no one rises in love or climbs in love. You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. If not the whole of you, at least a part of you should collapse. Only then there is a love affair. You are willing to destroy a bit of yourself for the sake of the other. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself”

If we think “Love is a quality but not a transaction”, then there is no suffering, no heart break, just love, love, love and love again….


But they fall easily!

Recently,  a  boy climbed telephone tower in the suburbs of Hyderabad to  attempt suicide  in Tollywood(Telugu Film Industry) style. He  threatened to jump if one of his ladies did not accept his love! (He has informed many girls through his friends hoping at least one will come.

This was his last attempt to get deliverance from the ever haunting thought of not having a girl friend.
He is a big fan of Telugu Film industry and idolizes the heroes. He tried all the methods the heroes use in impressing the young heroines.
He tried his hand at hitting some seniors who were ragging the girls, but no girl looked at him.
 He tried to be benevolent to the beggars, but had no girl looked at him with appreciation.
He tried to show to them that he was poor and how hard he was trying to come to college. He only got lunch boxes when the girls went out!
He tried all the latest hair styles and wigs but got no girl to brush his hair saying “how cute”
He made his friends make fun of him and his financial situation but no girl sympathized and more over they too joined  the circus.
Someone suggested running nude but he has already decided ‘his body is only for his girl alone’
“See those heroines in films, they are young and beautiful but easy, and these girls are not beautiful but so hard to impress!

Love is so easy here!

One of his friend said ” All the heroines are from outside, you should try the non locals. To his utter dismay those girls don’t talk in Telugu as it happens in the films and he knows nothing other than Telugu, thanks to Tollywood.
He threatened to make the jump but not a single women, leave girl, gathered around. Many were waiting to see and only some were pleading not to. The TV channels were fighting to take the best position to capture if the boy jumps.
“Tell me Anand, when is the boy expected to make the jump” .
” If you can see from the pictures, the boy looks devastated, it may happen any time” “Sandhya”
“Thanks Anand, we have with  us the prominent psychoanalyst, Brahmanandam garu, “
While the analysis was on all airs, the boy was confused about what to do.
He was thinking Girls fall so easily in the films,why not to me? I have done everything what they did in fims and even I look better than many of the heroes. Its waste living here, I will try in Heaven, OH Lord Krishna, please take me with you.
Suddenly a man dressed in modern clothes (lets say God), with so much bright light behind him appeared.
It appeared like a revelation for  the boy.
God asked, “Oh, my dear boy, why do you want to kill yourself?”
“I tried everything  they show in films but not a single girl fell for me.”
“How many girls do you want?”
“No jokes please, I am heart-broken.”
“OH!, what ever they show in films, does not happen in real life”
“But girls in films are so beautiful but fall so easily, and outside girls are not so beautiful but……”
“Even though they are not beautiful in appearance, they have feelings, emotions”
The boy look puzzled as if he heard something new.
“They are also human like you, they have taste, and whatever ‘ love’  they show in films is not real”
The boy is coming in line “Yes, whenever a couple comes closer,  they show a song”
“Most films are made by men for men! Men want women to be easy, stupid and to fall behind them for no reason, That is what is shown in films”.
“What should I do now?, Do you have any formula?”
“No, If you find any, let me know.  Now get down and study well”
“May be you should talk to them”
The boy thanks God and God joins with the mist and disappears.
Ground Zero is busy with activity.
Girls started coming
One said ” It feels so amazing to have someone attempting suicide for me!”
Second said, “But he is doing it for me”
Third said, “No, it is for me”
Meanwhile, the boy comes down, “I am not doing it for anyone of you”
The boy lifts his head towards the sky, “Try one at a time”
“Hahahaha” came the chuckle from the sky.

Who washed my clothes anyways!

It was  middle of the working week and a holiday, not an ideal position for it! But have to take it because it seems only the public holidays  cannot be made working! (we worked on Ugadi, Shivrathri, Dussehra last year!)
Why not go and see watch DhobiGhat,

My friend has written a nice review of the movie, you can read it at following link
If you already watched the movie or know the story it will be little fun to read below
I have given clothes to this dhobi  Munna! , it has been a week since I have seen him gone with my clothes! It had all my office going formal stuff except one. Oh My God how to go to office! I do not know where he lives. I start searching on the beach road.
About a month back, There was a girl in the taxi busy filming  the beach road with her handy-cam, looked happy and joyous (should be new to Mumbai). There seems to be no privacy even on the rainy day. I was wearing my favorite red dotted black shirt for the occasion (my first date). Before I could kiss, here comes the madam with her Handy-cam! hmm.

My Dhobi. Please let me know if you find him


I could not find him anywhere on the beach road! I heard that he goes regularly to the house of one painter Arun! I went to Painter Arun’s exhibition with a colleague!  Everyone was standing tall and I could not see any paintings and everyone was busy trying to talk to the Painter without seeing his work. I wanted to ask him if he could suggest someone to paint my house and follow him outside, he was busy with  a girl dressed in white ( I overheard her name was Shaai Edulji from USA) ! Natural inclination!
I somehow got the address of the painter and  decided to ask him for Munna’s address! Saala mere kapde leke gaya! I was trying to locate the house of the painter and saw the same girl Shaai going out of an apartment complex angrily . This should be his house!  I got into the lift and it stops in the middle! . Finally the help reaches after 20 minutes. I knock at the door of the painter. A middle aged somber looking guy opens with expectation but sighs seeing me!
Hi, are you Painter Arun? no reply, He should be the painter.
Actually I am looking for Munna, the Dhobi, he took my clothes and did not get them back, can you tell me where he lives?
I don’t know but, he was here, left just now! Oh man I hate lifts !
I go to office that day with  the lone pair of formals left!
The next day I got to Arun’s house but he was not there, his lease has expired and left for a new house.
I went to office with the same dress! I wish this be made the office uniform.

Oh man where to find this dhobi?  Whole week I went to office with the same dress and people seemed to notice but no one asked.

On Sunday  day I saw Shaai(from USA) near a pub with her friends, I followed their car to her apartment.
I thought I will ask her tomorrow if she knew about the Dhobi by any chance. The next I knock the door of Shaai house, maid opens the door. Her expression was like ” I am the owner here, what do you want” . I speak to her politely and ask about the Dhobi Munna. With that name she grew restless and started her tirade. “That filthy rogue, he was here jest now, he brought madam’s dress ( He is washing everyone’s clothes, where are mine) . My madam was impressed by him, I don’t know what black magic he did, He asked to make his portfolio , want to become hero , actor banega, actor! “
Where are they now?
“They both went to make the portfolio just now!”
Again missed, I can’t go to office with the same dress.
She tells me ” He also washes clothes at  another place where my friend Ringa is a maid”
“Thank you very much , what is your name anyways madam?
“Rosy” , Ringa Ringa the friend of Rosy.


My colleague finally asked about the dress. ” Arey Yaar, I have 5 pairs of them, got it cheap”
Hey Dhobi, I will wash you in your own blood.

I go to the place where Ringa works, I knock the door and the maid opens the door, she looks questioningly without speaking a word.
“Actually your friend Rosy has sent me here, I am looking for…..”
Before I could complete my sentence, she opens her mouth animatedly, ” She called me yesterday and told about you”. Every news is old with women, spreads like fire.
She says sadly, “Munna was thrown out, he will not come here”
“He is not coming regularly here”. Munna is not coming to me at all
“He is busy with a new girl these days, some girl from US, he brought her for taking some photos, so funny”
She tells in low voice,“Actually my madam not happy about it, he and my madam go inside the bedroom regularly”
“Oh I see” . Lucky Dhobi!
A voice comes from inside, “Ringa who is it?”
“No one madame, salesperson,” “I think you can get him at the dhobi Ghat” She tells me.
I somehow get the address of the dhobighat, and go there after the office.
Man, what a crowded place! I search for Munna but could not find him anywhere, might be roaming around with the girl. Suddenly, I spotted the painter with the girl going inside one of the houses.
Painter Saala, need some inspiration I think, may be recreation!
I go into a cafe and order Phav Bhaji, I ask the man opposite me ” Khute Munna, dhobi”
He says he does not know. I suddenly saw Munna going into the painter’s house. I run after him.
I saw Munna staring at the  door closed on his face, might have seen them in a compromising position, he turns around dejected, and seems to have not noticed me. I stop him and ask “Where are my clothes?”
He just brushes me aside and runs down. Then even the girl comes out running after him, A love Triangle hmm!
Before I could catch them they head somewhere in a car.
Another week with the same pair of clothes, and this time it became talk of the office. My boss came to my place and asks before everyone about it.
I got angry,“You know what, my clothes are with the dhobi and he did not bring them, and with the kind of salary you give I have to save for six months even to buy socks” . Even I could not bear the silence after that.

Next day I go to the painter’s house, I knocked the door but no answer, I look inside, Arun was  busy watching a video, and looked shocked, I could hear a lady’s voice . Something might be wrong.
I heard from someone that you could find Munna at night. I go home at came back that night searching the streets, There was rat hunter with a stick and torch, and suddenly from another lane Shaai materializes clicking photos of the Rat hunter. This girl is crazy, I look at the rat hunter, this is Munna. He starts running after seeing Shaai, this girl is destroying my life. She follows but in vain.
I found the address of Munna and go there only to find Munna’s cousin lose his life in a gang tussle. Bad time to ask for my clothes.

Now it has become regular for me to go around Dhobi ghat searching for Munna,  then realized that I am not alone. Shaai, of course with her camera, was also looking for him.
One day we spotted Munna at the ghat, seeing Shaai he runs into the lanes, I follow them. She catch holds him somehow and they keep talking something, I was waiting for my turn.
Shaai leaves in the black car and Munna suddenly starts running after it, Me too.
He runs dangerously between cars, and could not keep pace with him. Suddenly got hold of him saying bye to Shaai in the car.
“Where are my clothes ”
“what clothes”
“Those you took from apt 10, beach road before two weeks”
“Aah, I remember “
“You washed everyone’s clothes but not mine, why?
“Because you pay less and I was little busy”
Rich-poor divide.
“when will you give my clothes”
” I stopped washing clothes, you will get your clothes tomorrow”

I had no choice but to go back home. Next day a bundle of clothes were at the door step. At last I got my clothes neatly pressed.
If not Munna, Who washed my clothes anyways?

It was really good movie, with good performances from everyone. and the director  Kiran Rao is true to what she wanted to show. Great background score and sound mixing. This is not for those looking for melodrama, fights or stupid jokes!

courtesy: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

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Children in Reality Shows

There is show live on TV, “Recognise the Star”, where a portion of Star’s face is shown and the participants have to guess. Everyone, even the children, is pressing their memories hard who the star is.

Meanwhile, there  was an interesting debate in NDTV regarding the Children in reality shows.  It was really good in the context that the media has stopped a bit to take stock of whats going on. Important observations were made regarding the pressure, stress the children go through during these talent shows. We see children dancing, singing, telling jokes they don’t understand. The debate was about the minimum age of the child after which they can appear in those shows. Important point raised in the debate was the treatment of the children by the judges.  Children or any other participant should be treated with empathy. Anu Malik says that ” How can you say to a participant  that he has lost with hugs and kisses.

Image Source:

Past has left us with some grave instances of children being subjected excess pressure to improve their performance in sports, studies and some ending their lives and some becoming addicted to drugs, drinking.   Anu Malik says that stress is a good thing as Surf excel ad says “Daag acha hain”. It is the responsibility of the parents to manage their children.
Yes Stress is good, it gets the best out of you. But the question is whether it is constructive or destructive.  When you see these shows you will see that the children singing and performing songs which are meant to be for grown ups.  When I say grown ups, its both mentally and physically.  How can you say to a child that you got the ” Aaja Meri Gaadi Main  Bait jaa”  song wrong. Dont say Laya, shruthi, Taal. When you sing ” Bheri Piyaa bada bedardi”, it comes out best when the girl singing feels  or knows how to feel that her lover is apathic. Some of these children are very talented, no doubt,  they are able to sing all types of songs with the same intensity and feel. But is it required? Don’t you think we are  forcing the children to grow up too fast and take up the burden of our expectations?

One activist who has filed a PIL(Public interest Litigation) in some court regarding the minimum age after which they can participate in these shows. She made a very important point that when we are trying to revamp our education system to lessen the stress of ranking system and lighten the bags by introducing the grades, why are we subjecting the children to judgments of winning and losing. One of the conductors of a children talent show compared them to sports where there will be winners and losers.  But this is no sport: sports and games have set of rules which can be used to quantify the performance, like sprinting the race in least amount of time. that’s it. Its not dependent on how I feel about their performance ” He ran really hard man”  but my feeling of how one participant does not make him the winner. But in singing and dancing, its about the feeling. They cannot be judged as Number one, two or three. Some one may like one, other may not. And these judges are least qualified for that. Anu Malik the famous copycat who copied many foreign songs and Indianized them, is not 100% purely qualified as judge.  He has struggled in his life to come to that stage, I understand, but what impression can you make on people whom you judge when your own shirt is not clean. “Daag acha hain” !  So its important that parents, Show conductors, judges  make things lighter for the participants and bring them near to the real world. Because in the real world you can get many chances to prove yourselves.  So the participants too just take the things coolly, enjoy the attention, blow some flying kisses, pose for pictures, and go to another show!

We need to create shows which are helpful to the children in life, improve their stage skills, speaking talent, General knowledge rather than making them to sing and dance to some dumb songs. No need of any kisses and hugs in the show, but at least create an environment where the participant can take things sportively and make him feel that there are avenues in life where they could be winners.  I hate seeing the shoddy music and visuals that accompany the so called loser. This is not the competition where the losers will be made to dig their own grave and shot.

Parent of a 17 year old girl who had a nervous brake down during a Bangla reality dance show after she stood 9th.  He did not blame the judges, but only said that they have to act little empathic, as are the audience, we Indians.There is a scene in Delhi-6 where two children go to Bijlee and ask ” Hamhe Mard Banavo Bijlee” without knowing how Bijlee turns a child into Mard and what the so called Mards have done to Bijlee.   So parents take care of the children at least till they are old enough to become Mards and Auraths….

A small girl  says  “The star is Abhishek Bachchan”  The mother asks if she was confident.  “Yes”.  The idiot box says ” And it is the chchota Bachchan.  Congratulations you have won a seat in IIT, Bollywood





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Indian Cinema

In what direction our Indian Cinema is heading.
In the beginning it has been following the Hollywood as it was forced to be dependent on it for the technology. As it was trying to keep up with Hollywood for the new technological developments, it also looked at the themes, stories. It took the concept of songs and dances from the early 50s and 60s and the Indian Films still could not part itself from them. Hollywood has successfully matured to new way of story telling sans dancing and singing just keeping the songs in the background.

The problem is we still make movies getting inspired by the Hollywood movies, without acknowledging them. Thanks to the internet and global trotting by the Indians, we are getting to know this foul play.

The innumerable songs copied in the 70s to the Ghajini concept taken from Momento, we are still behind the Hollywood and the problem is we are not trying go beyond that.

To tell of the instance of Ghajini, I was browsing through the IMDB site and came across this movie MOMENTO, after reading the summary, the first thought came is Ghajini was inspired.

The Bollywood has to know Hollywood movies are releasing simultaneously in India, and even its films are released worldwide. The directors have to careful of these inspirations, and if they are not able to fight this temptation, let that be acknowledged.

we may not be able to find out the beautiful foriegn locations where you have filmed the songs, but we can now instantly find out the copied movies.

Rape the magic (Maya) lady, literally!

Talking about rape these days is not taboo anymore. It has to the extent became so common like the word f***.
People will start saying  “What the rape? ” instead of  “What the f***?” . ” Who the rape are you? or  The policeman would ask “why are you raping around this late in the night?”

To imply the real meaning we have to say ” we are f***ing, literally” ? “she was raped,  literally”. “I was raped, literally by the sons of ministers”. “No literal raping. violators will be  jailed for 10 years”.
Shiney ahuja would be testifying in the court –” I did not rape my maid but I f***ed with her consent and full support” . His lawyer would make a sign to him. Understanding what he missed he would add ” literally”.

Infact Shiney Ahuja should have a controlled himself for some time and gone for the magic lady with the literal and open consent from UP congress head, Rita.  The media would be delighted  to feed this Breaking news of Bollywood – politics crossover.
Rahul Gandhi  is a worried man. May be he has still in his mind the consequences of the raping around, offcourse literally, by the Indian peace keeping force  in Srilanka. He lost his father.
While Magic lady (Mayawati) is busy erecting statues for the Dalit Leaders. In which age is she?  Why do we need Statues giving us directions  when we have got GPS?  I am pretty sure if those leaders are breathing through the statues of theirs they would have already choked  by pollution to few more deaths.
A group of  mentally deranged women at meet in a mental asylum in the border of UP – Bihar and MP. Woman from Bihar says ” You know in our state a rape victim  gets Rs.10000 and pension. Other from MP says “In our state we get Rs.15000 and also pension of Rs.100 per month”. The last one says proudly, ” In UP a rape victim gets Rs.25000, medal and a photo with Mayawati”.  These women are rape victims and are getting treatment  away from the  non repentant society which victimised them.
A family is watching  news on television , A beautiful anchor says ” Honorary chief minister in function has inaugurated  her own statue and later distributed compensation  to a rape victim. She was raped by a group of party workers in local BSP office” . ” Immediately the girl says ” Dad the anchor did not say literallY! “