Why no one wants me?

A  boy and a girl were walking towards their bike and they were suddenly intercepted by a group of middle-aged men. They seemed to be local and drunk. One of them, tall, bearded,  picked up  fight with the boy and started hitting him for no reason, others joined. The girl pleaded them to spare the boy. Somehow they got out of it and ran into the room they were sharing.  The beard guy started shouting “Mujhe koi kyon nahi Maanghta?”“Why no one wants me?”  He was deprived of a girlfriend and the boy had one. I encountered this while I was staying in a room at Koregaon Park, Pune. (I was sent on inter state onsite while our company was short of work). The bearded guy was venting out his frustration, disappointment common among many young Indians. While he was wrong in making ‘girlfriend’ a commodity or ‘having a woman companion’ same as ‘drinking beer with friends’. We as society are wrong in entertaining such cancerous notions and deeds.

The two rape incidents of young woman Nirbhaya and small girl Abhaya in Delhi have rocked the nation. They were not solely driven by sexual desire  but are an indication something more gruesome.  The way the girls were tortured shows a kind of sadistic strain, degradation in the minds of young men which is widespread.

What kind of disease is it that we have to go through ugly, wild incidents of women, small kids being violated on a daily basis. In the olden days when someone attacked a kingdom, first thing they did lay hands on women. This was their way  of declaring subjugation. The present situation is no less than a war,  an internal war.  Is it the war between the castes in which these fairer ones are painted black? Is it the war between the rich and the poor that these women are stripped of their dignity? Is it the war between dreams and reality in which these little girls are  encountering the nightmares? Is it the war between  neighbors in which they are caught in cross-fire?  May be all of them.

The parliament has passed strong anti-rape and eve teasing laws to discourage such dastardly acts. But will this decrease the violations?  In spite of  so much outrage against the rapes, we hear many more happening. This is a serious situation and this cannot be cured by pumping more anti-biotic into the social stream. The virus comes back with vengeance. We should drive the stress of  the strife we are all going through in the life. We should stop gauging life as a couple of mile stones. We should stop forcing on the kids that “Life is all about achieving something, going ahead of someone”. We should Stop bull-shitting them with all our dreams and expectations. Let them feel the freedom and enjoy life the way it is. May be they will learn to respect their fellow citizens.

We should also stop glorifying the eve-teasing in the movies by so-called heroes.  It may put wrong notions in the minds of the young people who watch them.  It’s a shame we in India pray to, idolize many goddesses and yet commit such crimes against women.  Something has to change and I don’t know what. But I pray to Gods and Goddesses to grant women strength and power to fight against this cruel world.

Lets end this war with love, include everyone  and make them feel loved and wanted.


Slutwalk and Sluttalk

As the sun rose over Delhi on Sunday, it was like any other Sunday, but it was the day of  SlutWalk athaarth Besharmi Morcha and a little bit of Slut talk. People especially women from all walks of life marched against sexual prejudice and gender discrimination . The Slutwalk protest movement originated in Canada in April this year after a policeman said women could avoid rape by not dressing like ‘sluts’.

The Slogan that were raised were ‘Walk of no shame’, ‘Stop staring, women are not aliens from Venus’, ‘Change your thinking not our clothes’ and others.

We have got something to be Ashamed of!

Women should be asking why do we men see them like that?  because we don’t understand what you are!
That’s why we keep staring  hoping we comprehend something, but nothing seems to be happening.

The source of  all this slut talk is that men will not stop staring and they like seeing women.  This is the source of inspiration for many a writers, poets, musicians….and also rapists, eve teasers.. Once in the eyes of public, women have no choice  of their admirers.

But as we are talking about the way of dressing, its important to dress based on the occasion, climate outside and inside people’s minds . Its better to avoid being in regrettable situations as there are many perverts around and this world is basically sluttish.  Meanwhile we need to see  how we can dissolve the market of beauty and sex.  We  also need to change is the attitude of stereotyping women based on their way of dressing.  And  its the duty of every man to treat their inspirations equally or more equally!

Many a fans of the SlutWalk are disappointed that there were no lingerie, short skirts, fishnet stockings as seen in other Slut Walks. Men will never change!

Petha – Agra ka Meetha

Every place has a landmark or a specialty,  it is a monument, temples of worship, nature’s own impression, people-their culture, clothes or food.

Well in that case Agra has three – The beautiful Yamuna River, Taj Mahal in its banks and Petha!
Petha is a delicacy made from Sweet Ash-gourd  dipped and served with sugar syrup.
Recently we stopped at Agra on the way to Delhi.  The train was nearing Agra cantonment station and some youth though unarmed, barged into the compartment. I felt fear for a moment, before I found out that they are the autowallas searching for their passengers. could not wait in their autos!
One Autowall  got hooked to us and was damn sure we could not get any accommodation ourselves. we acceded. So first thing is do your ground work before landing in such place.
We finished our breakfast with two kachori which generally would prefer to eat in the evening snack in south of India.
We had our visit to Taj Mahal. I liked for its serenity and humbleness rather than what it’s famous for – grandeur. We spent good two hours though we had to catch Chattisgarh Express to Delhi.
Before that only one thing was left – buying Agra ka Petha. My colleague who is from North India suggested me to buy Panchhi Petha – a brand by itself.
Aftee coming out of the Taj, we asked the autowallah to take us to Panchhi petha shop. He took us to some shop which was too small for its reputation and the shopkeeper came outside to welcome us. I felt something fishy. I was warned of the fake Panchhi Petha stores all round Agra. I felt very odd because somethings around were not real. I was coaxed to take some petha but to no avail. I have to find the Panchhi Petha Store!

So we headed back to the room and packed our bags. I had the list of the panchhi Petha stores  addresses  and showed them to the Hotel man. I asked which is nearest to the Agra Cantonment Railway Station. That’s the one Dholpur House on M.G. Road.
This time we did not say Panchhi Petha Store but said Dholpur house and then to Agra station.
That was there the Pancchi Petha Store right in the junction. It was a big store and people were busy buying sweets and namkeens.
Here we have what we desired and our patience paid.


Important things to note
1. Panchhi Peta Store has five branches, four in Agra and one in Delhi
2. There are numerous duplicates or fake shops all over Agra with names like Best Panchhi Peta Shop, New Panchhi Peta Bhandhar (with Best and New written very small). I didn’t taste in those shops but atleast they are not the best, as many say.
3. The original shop has a name “PANCHHI PETHA STORE”
4. Do not ask the autowallas to take to Panchhi Petha store. There is a great chance that they will take you to a fake one.
5. Find out the area in which the store is and ask the autowallas to take to that area.

The addresses are below
1. Panchhi Petha Store, Opp State Bank Of India, Dholpur House, M G Road, Agra – 282002
2.  Opp Hari Parwat Thana, Hari Parbat, Agra – 282002
3. Panchhi Petha Store, 15/136, Akka Wali Gail Noeri Gate, Hospital Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003
4. Panchi Petha Store, Bhagwan Cinema Chauraha, Agra.

The Address of the Delhi Shop is
Panchi Petha Store, #2365, Main Patel Nagar Road,Patel Nagar, Delhi -110008

The varieties of the Petha available are Saadha Petha, Angoori Petha, Kesar Angoori Petha, Kesar Petha  and all are priced below 100 per kilogram.

After reaching Gurgaon, it was around 11.30 p.m and we could not get anything to eat. We opened one of the Petha box. We felt that it was worth all the trouble in finding the authentic Panchhi Petha!

I have only visited the Pancchi Petha Store in Dholpur House, M.G. Road. and I cannot guarantee the correctness of the other addresses .
Request you to share any more information that can make this post better. Thanks,

Paa Music Review – Ittefaq se!

I embark on the journey of the Paa music composed by Maestro  Ilayaraja, with mixed thoughts about how its going to be.Started off with a Player and head phones.

Mudhi Mudhi Ittefaq se – Sung by Shilpa Rao

woh Mudi Mudi Gali Gali Mudi, Main Muda,
Udi Udi Woh Udi, Main Uda, fir woh gane se juda,
juda, juda mein  usse aur udi udi mera mann.   ITTEFAQ SE!

She(Music) turned-I turned,  She flew-I flew, She fell-I fell and then I just sat there listening her in awe. A total surprise and exhilarating experience. She asked why I was silent. hmm

Gumm Summ Gumm- sung by K. Bavatharini, Shravan, Chorus

And then she came back again before I was ready

Udhi Udhi Ittefaq se – Sung by Shilpa Rao

We moved on together , with this exhilarating experience and many more coming. Whenever I felt like stopping  tired of having so much in such a short span, something tickled me,  a wind flew and I was back on track.

Hichki Hichki – sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

She left me for a moment  and I was lost completely. I did not know which turn I had taken and at which tune I stopped. everything was dancing and flying. I wanted to tell how much I loved the journey. I wanted to sing to her

Gali Mudi  Ittefaq se – sung by Shaan

I moment later she was back  and we got turned into children  and she told her story. She wanted to listen to my story. I just smiled. But she pressed on…

Gumm Summ Gumm- sung by K. Bavatharini, Shravan, Chorus

We smiled and danced together.  She again asked why I was silent. She showed me new tunes and and sang sweetly.

Halke Se Bole – sung by Chorus

Her story turned little serious and monotonous but I listened . I was still in awe.

Mere Paa – Amitabh Bachchan

She again asked again. I sangUdhi Udhi haa udhi  Mein phir udhi udhi – Ittefaq se . She did not stop laughing as I kept singing.

All the songs are good and Udhi Udhi is great, beautifully composed and Shilpa  Rao raised it one more level. What can I say of Ilayaraja- great.

Listen to them and don’t stay silent. Share it..


Hey, I watched Delhi-6 today. I know this is too late to watch a good (sorry I should say Great) movie. I have my own pace of doing things.  After watching I asked one of the guys,  “What’s your thought of the movie” . He says “It’s a slow movie. NO entertainment”
Is this the reason I liked it very much?  Read below.
The movie revolves around the Kaala Bandar (black monkey – I would translate it to Dark monkey) which runs havoc in Delhi -6 area. It  tries to drive the sumo onto the police inspector, tries to rape the young wife of  a rich old man. Interestingly Roshan (Abhishek Bachhan)   happens to be the spectator, each time the black monkey does some mischief.  The police administration declares a reward for catching the black monkey.  People start who this man in th guise of Black monkey is giving them sleepless nights. The Hindus ask why only their households are getting attacked. Muslims revert back saying they too are attacked. Tempers flare among the two communities among the allegations. Once Delhi -6 which was living so harmoniously gets split up overnight and people start attacking each other. Roshan’s Grand mother (Waheda Rahman) who comes back to India to spend her last days  and die among her own people peacefully, is broken seeing all these.
In the climax, Roshan inorder to save his love Bittu (Some Kapoor, beautiful and bubbly though) and his own fighting people dons the physical form of  the Black  Monkey and gets caught. He is beaten up badly.  the People  in a moment of thought realize that the Black monkey  is the evil which is residing  inside  each of them.

The film is goes on smoothly with the  story of  Ramayana shown in parallel.  All credit to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for such a good script. But this film lacks the youthfulness as Rang De Basanti which is  similar film. May be that’s the reason the film is not such a big hit. But I feel, the screenplay would have been more tight to convey what he really wanted to show.

This film shows how people try to give name, shape to the evil which is in everyone of us.  We try to identify the evil as something external to us, someone who are of  different religion, caste, place, age, country, continent, different part of universe or who  clean their ass differently, who eat differently or who looks different!  and forget that we are all human beings. In the moment of  crisis we give up the rational thinking of a human being. Its like I am riding my bike and blaming others for causing pollution. How stupid it would be. The Film also shows how we, in the event of crisis, we divide ourselves rather than uniting  and allow the evil to succeed.

I have read in one of the books that ” Whatever is not known is  dark and evil”. May be are all failing to recognize the unknown, dark part of our self  and its deeds. we just brush of as the act of others.   Lets try to know the dark side of ourselves and contain it.

A very good performances from all the cast, especially Waheda Rahman and Abhishek who wonderfully lived the role of  foreign born guy of Indian Origin.

I dont think I bored you.