The Realm of God

A middle class woman, Leela, who was agnostic for most of her life was surprised by the “miracle” that happened in the life of her friend Reema, a religious person. Reema was suffering from advanced throat cancer and got cured from her disease. Doctors, who have informed Reema’s son that her cancer metastasized and beyond cure, were shocked seeing she get cured miraculously.  It was the talk of the town and her congregation.  Reema, told everyone how she sat the whole night in prayer and she was healthy next morning.  Lily could not understand how this could happen.  Seeing this firsthand, Lily, became a believer.  She started visiting the congregation regularly and was reading the scriptures every night before going to bed.

She was feeling very happy to have made this choice. One day during fall,  Lily fell sick.  She was very tired but still told her prayers.  Lily did not go to the doctors as she should normally do.  Second day she became more sick. “God will cure it”  she said to herself and was expecting a miracle.  Third day was even worse, she was running a temperature of 102 deg F. “God will lower the temperature”. On the fourth day, Leela could not get up from her bed “God will give me strength to walk”. On the fifth day, Leela gave up and went to the doctor with the help of Reema. Doctor gave antibiotics for the flu and suggested complete rest.  She got cured but all this while she was thinking – “why did God not sure me? Did I not pray enough?”

The next time Leela went to the congregation, she confronted the priest. ” Why did God not cure me from Flu same as Reema’s cancer? I too prayed the whole night. I have been a good believer.” Priest was taken aback by this sudden challenge. He gained his senses back and told her in  a soft voice “Reema’s cancer is internal, so God cured it. Flu is caused by bacteria and virus. Its outside God’s realm. Bacteria and virus do not believe in the same God as us”!

Sadhguru: “Everything in Life is a Miracle”.


The Life of Pi – a story

“It all started with my uncle visiting a French pool and continued into an adventure in God’s own pools”
This is the story of Pi (Piscine Molitor Patel) as told by Pi in the movie “Life of Pi”.  In what genre does it fall- an Adventure, a drama or a thriller?  It has all the elements of adventure, a share of drama and moments to thrill.  More than all these  it has life in it  like other Ang Lee movies.

The story – by Pi confession the Story No. 1 just grew upon me like a pouncing tiger, drowned me  in oceans, frightening at times. I  try to take refuge in my reasoning to no avail. I had company of  someone more confused  and our logic had to survive the beautifully laid out master piece.  We in the moment of despair pleaded God to rain some sense.  We drifted to shore after being battered by constant frames of  surprises. For a moment we crafted an island in the midst of  the mysterious oceans only to find it more dangerous.

Source: http://www.ew.comImage credit: Peter Sorel

Image credit: Peter Sorel

Finally we arrive at some safe land. We were happy of not reaching  there safe  but to have traveled together. In our quest to lodge it into some logic stream, we became new beings. Finally we found our way back but with a refreshing experience – of Life.

The movie is full of life and all the cast acted well especially the teenaged Pi – Suraj Sharma. Ang Lee as usual is at his best and in the end a beautiful movie  with a Third Dimension!

Where is GOD

“There is a  invisible force behind the universe” say all the wise men who tried to find GOD.
Gauthama Buddha recieved enlightment under a Bodhi tree in Gaya. After enlightenment what he taught was how to understand the true nature of phenomena, end suffering, and achieve nirvana. What he did not preach or say is who and what is God.

Meanwhile a group of people found a huge stone which has infinite sides. It appeared differently from each side.   Each of them looked at different facades of this stone and decided they have found God and set out to their lands to propogate what they have seen and understood. What they did not do is go around the stone and look at its other sides. After they got the acceptance from their people, they were overwhelmed by the reverance and the power of belief. Pampered by this new found power of following, they set out for new lands to expand their theological empires. These group of people fought each other and are still fighting wars for supremacy over each other.

Only the wise can see and understand the true nature of this stone. There is also a popular saying that if you cant see directly at the Sun  for a few seconds, how can you be able to look at God directly. There is a portion of God in every living thing. Serving them is serving God.


In the name of God I believe in I am posting this blog.
But if you ask to show or describe him, may be I would not be able to convince you.
But I have belief in him as some supernatural power guiding us. In the modern day the concept of God has been threatened by Science, to the extent that it started giving answers to all our questions. Why the earth rotates around the sun. Why the eclipses are formed. …
But there are some large questions science cannot answer. How is universe formed? What is its age? why we have only two eyes,two legs, two hands and only one nose?
The quest for these answers will lead only to lead to God.

That is the reason we have our own image or thought of God and no one can prove them wrong.

In this material world Belief starts where Science ends, We think of God only when science cannot fulfill our needs. We pray God for luck, coincidence. more energy, more power.

But Life will be in peace when we see God in our surroundings and our fellow beings.

Some questions which bother me

In the parts of Nepal, and Tibet the mighty mountains were always believed to be Gods.
BY climbing the Mount Everest, did we human beings break that belief.
Are we by this acts of superiority over the nature are getting closer to God.
By the amount of progress we are doing in the fields of biotechnology and cloning.

Is the church and through it Lord Jesus losing credibility and following by the constant questioning of his mortality.