Love Love Love and Love again!

Love Love Love and Love again!
This is the subject that is never out of vogue in Indian movies. The times have changed, from sending messages through birds to tweeting but Love remains. This is one human emotion that has guaranteed returns for producers, whether its combination of rich boy- poor girl or poor girl – rich boy,  good for nothing boy-calm girl and now boy-boy, girl-girl.

How do the male and female lead fall in love?  Boy sees this most beautiful girl in the whole world and suddenly realizes he is a man! Till that point the boy remains a stone unmoved to any other woman and this girl appears out of nowhere and Sun rises for the boy.  He sends signals through his sly smile, send messages through her friends, send letters, sings song. The female lead remains unmoved by this unrelenting attention.

Then one day she sees a benevolent act of our hero, and she falls for him! It could be as simple as donating a Rupee to a beggar, helping an old man cross a busy road, stopping his bike for children to pass by! The young people who look for ways to woo a girl miss this simple point – following a traffic rule may help you get a girl!  If benevolence does not work then she gets to see the hero’s masculinity through beating bad guys.  These so called bad guys need to be given Oscars for their acting. Its very difficult to act being beaten while they could have easily overpowered the hero with single hand.

We might have seen many instances in real life where a not so good looking guy gets a very beautiful girl.  Everyone asks how. Without pondering much we just brush it aside saying “Love is blind”. In Bollywood movies, a girl falls for silly reasons – beating bad buys, helping  friend’s love, helping her father!, singing and pestering her in public! Every time I see such movies, I wish young boys do not take girls for granted.

Most of these movies end by the time they overcome all the rich-poor, caste, regional obstacles. Not many dare to show what happens after they get married!  After the initial sparks are replaced by little skirmishes, much more love (patience) is needed between them to stay together!

One of my college teachers (with a broken heart) has given us a lesson on love! Never he stayed for length of class except that day.  He said there is no scientific basis for Love.  You cannot prove love! May be, he is still grappling with why his love interest rejected him.  Love between two young individuals is as natural as a plant’s tendency to blossom. Feeling love is natural but we expect that a particular person feel the same about you. Without approaching the boy/girl, talking to them, you expect them to feel your love! If that does not happen, you curse everyone, everything. Even a sunflower bends towards Sun for more light so do something or look somewhere else.  But youngsters should never take  the extreme step of harming themselves or the other person.  Relax and look at all the married people, I am pretty sure your anger dies down! Do not think you will be different, keeping two people together needs much more than love.  If love alone keeps people together, then there would be no divorces. All those vows of “staying together until death makes us apart”  will evaporate if you do not open up your life to accommodate the other person.

We have seen many instances where physical and emotional togetherness do not last long and people suffer the separation. While women demand more attention, men turn wayward. In India, there are no vows in a marriage, its an energy process where energies of the two individuals are matched to function as one.  While this has watered down to minimal rituals,  its expected that this process be repeated every year.  This does not happen anymore. It could be the reason why marriage is bliss for only an year for many!

Sadhguru says: “The English expression, “Falling in love,” is significant because no one rises in love or climbs in love. You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. If not the whole of you, at least a part of you should collapse. Only then there is a love affair. You are willing to destroy a bit of yourself for the sake of the other. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself”

If we think “Love is a quality but not a transaction”, then there is no suffering, no heart break, just love, love, love and love again….


But they fall easily!

Recently,  a  boy climbed telephone tower in the suburbs of Hyderabad to  attempt suicide  in Tollywood(Telugu Film Industry) style. He  threatened to jump if one of his ladies did not accept his love! (He has informed many girls through his friends hoping at least one will come.

This was his last attempt to get deliverance from the ever haunting thought of not having a girl friend.
He is a big fan of Telugu Film industry and idolizes the heroes. He tried all the methods the heroes use in impressing the young heroines.
He tried his hand at hitting some seniors who were ragging the girls, but no girl looked at him.
 He tried to be benevolent to the beggars, but had no girl looked at him with appreciation.
He tried to show to them that he was poor and how hard he was trying to come to college. He only got lunch boxes when the girls went out!
He tried all the latest hair styles and wigs but got no girl to brush his hair saying “how cute”
He made his friends make fun of him and his financial situation but no girl sympathized and more over they too joined  the circus.
Someone suggested running nude but he has already decided ‘his body is only for his girl alone’
“See those heroines in films, they are young and beautiful but easy, and these girls are not beautiful but so hard to impress!

Love is so easy here!

One of his friend said ” All the heroines are from outside, you should try the non locals. To his utter dismay those girls don’t talk in Telugu as it happens in the films and he knows nothing other than Telugu, thanks to Tollywood.
He threatened to make the jump but not a single women, leave girl, gathered around. Many were waiting to see and only some were pleading not to. The TV channels were fighting to take the best position to capture if the boy jumps.
“Tell me Anand, when is the boy expected to make the jump” .
” If you can see from the pictures, the boy looks devastated, it may happen any time” “Sandhya”
“Thanks Anand, we have with  us the prominent psychoanalyst, Brahmanandam garu, “
While the analysis was on all airs, the boy was confused about what to do.
He was thinking Girls fall so easily in the films,why not to me? I have done everything what they did in fims and even I look better than many of the heroes. Its waste living here, I will try in Heaven, OH Lord Krishna, please take me with you.
Suddenly a man dressed in modern clothes (lets say God), with so much bright light behind him appeared.
It appeared like a revelation for  the boy.
God asked, “Oh, my dear boy, why do you want to kill yourself?”
“I tried everything  they show in films but not a single girl fell for me.”
“How many girls do you want?”
“No jokes please, I am heart-broken.”
“OH!, what ever they show in films, does not happen in real life”
“But girls in films are so beautiful but fall so easily, and outside girls are not so beautiful but……”
“Even though they are not beautiful in appearance, they have feelings, emotions”
The boy look puzzled as if he heard something new.
“They are also human like you, they have taste, and whatever ‘ love’  they show in films is not real”
The boy is coming in line “Yes, whenever a couple comes closer,  they show a song”
“Most films are made by men for men! Men want women to be easy, stupid and to fall behind them for no reason, That is what is shown in films”.
“What should I do now?, Do you have any formula?”
“No, If you find any, let me know.  Now get down and study well”
“May be you should talk to them”
The boy thanks God and God joins with the mist and disappears.
Ground Zero is busy with activity.
Girls started coming
One said ” It feels so amazing to have someone attempting suicide for me!”
Second said, “But he is doing it for me”
Third said, “No, it is for me”
Meanwhile, the boy comes down, “I am not doing it for anyone of you”
The boy lifts his head towards the sky, “Try one at a time”
“Hahahaha” came the chuckle from the sky.

No Love at Work!

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by Satvalas in the southern part of Bhaarath, now India. The kingdom was small and the people were happy though they were poor. The king Devalaraya was a nice man. He was not very ambitious and relied heavily on not one but many group of ministers for decision making. The country faced huge threat from the neighboring nations and it relied on the highly skilled army, though underpaid. The king thought of expanding his kingdom to protect itself from the invasions of the neighbors on its resources. “Goddamn Trichakras slowly encroaching on our territory”
There was a small tribal hamlet ChenchuPeta which is strategically located and is crucial in protecting the supply route to the soldiers during war. The tribals of ChenchuPeta are self reliant and a closed group. Now their trust and friendship is crucial for the Satvalas. Satvalas charted out a plan in that direction. It took the advice of the security advisers and planned to increase its detective work force.
There was a soldier MahaVeera who was highly committed,brave and hard working but gullible. He was praised by his superiors for his fighting skills and leadership qualities. “You are a great warrior” his superior Chaturaveera said. Kaamchora was also in the same regiment but always evading work. MahaVeera was paid less and never promoted. Chaturaveera sent MahaVeera and Kaamchora to ChenchuPeta  as a detectives to find out about the tribals and their inside information, but MahaVeera was interested in real war! He had no choice!

Mahaveera – the warrior

MahaVeera and Kaamchora started their new assignment when there was drought all round. The tribal leader Chenchu Naik  had a beautiful daughter named Sakku. The last of the water in the ChenchuPeta got dried up and they have to look for outside source.  MahaVeera got to know this and strategically took control of the near by lake while kaamchora did not do anything and  was busy  searching  for a girl. MahaVeera allowed the tribals to take water from the lake and thus befriended Sakku. He liked her very much but did not forget his primary job. Through Sakku he went to Chenchu Naik and took along Kaamchora. He arranged a meeting between Chenchu Naik and Chaturaveera, his superior. Kaamchora went and told  about this to Chaturaveera  and projected  this as his achievement. Maha told Chaturaveera about Sakku and his liking for her. The meeting happened without MahaVeera and cooperation agreement was made. Chaturaveera projected himself as the hero with the King and sidelined MahaVeera. MahaVeera was deeply in love with Sakku that he did not care about anything else.  Later he learned that Sakku’s hand was being given to Kaamchora, Kaamchora was  little senior to him  in the regiment. MahaVeera was very angry and confronted his superior.
Maha said “I know you did a great work but I did not suggest your name to Chenchu Naik
“Because you are young and don’t have a mustache.”

Mustache! what kind of reason is that. “I am no more a kid, I can take care of Sakku”
Chaturaveera was angry and said “No more arguments, you can leave”
Maha learned a great lesson,
After two months he went and asked about his promotion, Rajaveera said “Your number of years of  experience deserves  a promotion, I will try my level best for it.
Maha quipped “Please see my work not the number of years behind me”
He came out of the luxury tent and  came across Kaamchora.
Kaamchora asked “What kind of girl is Sakku, what does she like?”
Maha said, “A man has to win his woman”

Lost Love!

I am in love! Oh my God, I have been in love since I gained gyaan-knowledge! I have been very  sincere but, Love eludes me. It is always like holding up the kite, no matter how hard I pull it down, never comes near. Happy to entice from far!  Sometimes,  I feel cheated and even feel its an illusion?  Or do I like Love to be that way- elusive. I don’t know.

If I get my Love I would be Happy there after. There are many a moments when Love came so near, but  takes a different form and flies away. And again a frantic search begins. I am losing hope .  Only time I am near to my Love is in the dreams – Day dreams! She rides with me on my bicycle, the old hero bicycle, hugging me. I am just pedaling without exhaustion. Cities pass by but I am not exhausted. All the dreams go crashing the moment I stop pedaling! Goddamn! would have waited for a moment, was going to be kissed. uhhh!

My Love, these days, is playing with my mind, as never before. My Love is good at writing poems, but wrote nothing about me. So mean!
Earlier, she used to travel with me in the bus sharing the same dream of driving in a car. She had the same wish to be in the company of friends! And friends were the only solace I had from the longing for love.  Life was simple then, with She being always in sight and life passed with a hope to see her and  a hope that she will develop a liking for me!

In college, she reminded me of the uncertain future ahead! “Where will you go for higher studies, how will you buy your dream car? How will  you be able to woo girls with nothing in hand?” She said that!
There were moments when I was joyful and that’s when everything around me grew big enough to make me happy!  But those moments became very less and hardly come these days. These days My Love travels in imported cars, in the lonely roads of  the foreign country, makes movies and stays with the stars.  Love is taking all the forms of  comforts I never had and dreamed of. Love is going with the likes of  successful people, my colleagues, people with friends,  which I could not bear. ‘I am different’, told myself but to no use. Only time I liked her was when she was involved in social work. She  started to haunt me and remind me what I wanted and what I don’t have.

Go away! I shout but Love comes with more force.  I felt cheated and failed and the mere sight of her made me angry!  Everything could make me angry so easily when I have decided that I could never achieve my Love and I am a failure!

One day,  I was lying dejected and she comes to me. I try to shove her away. She holds my face in her arms and says, “YOU WERE LOOKING FOR ME EVERYWHERE – IN LOVER, IN MONEY, CARS, COMFORTS, JOB, POSITION…  BUT NEVER CARED TO LOOK INSIDE YOU!” I am confused, what are you saying?   That’s when I stopped and took stock! The moments I was happy were when in the company of like minded friends, little kids, in laughter and family. I was happy in the brief moments  I was involved in  work without worrying about what’s going to happen.

I found my Lost Love, my Happiness at last! At least I like that feeling to have found it, just for now!


Love or Hate, its Valentine’s Day

I don’t know whether you heard “I love you” from your Girl/Boy Friend yesterday, you hear the threats from so-called Indian Culture guardians – ” See a girl and boy together on Valentine’s Day, we marry them off “ .
One fellow asks ” Hey bhai saab, do you send to honey moon also. Hamareko Goa chalega.”
He stands on the side of the road, with his girl friend, so that some Bhajrang Dalwale or Shiv Sainik, Ram Sainik comes and marries them off.   Whole day passes and still there is no sign of any soldier,  he is now afraid of looking into the eyes of his girl friend who was until then beautiful. Now in anger she is more beautiful.
” Hey Paro dont look at like that yaar, I am feeling shy”
He could not  bear any more beauty of the one beside him, he calls his friend in Bajrang Dal.
” Arey Kalyan, Tu kute, Where are you? We are standing on Chattrapati Road, beside Shivaji Statue.”
” We passed by that road,  we did not see you. In which dress are you”
” We are dressed in white”
” You both are dressed in marriage clothes? we saw you man,  thought you are already married. you are such an idiot!”

Those soldiers say Showing love to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day is wrong. Its not our culture.
You can rape women in Goa on any day, but not on Valentine’s Day. Its not our culture.
You can drink and drive, kill people, but not on Valentine’s  Day. Its not our culture.
You can kills girl child before they are born on any day, but not on Valentine’s  Day. Its not our culture.

Anyways belated Valentine’s Day wishes, and my love.

The Road

Any of we men are happy for taking the same road each time we are out?

The Road of life

The Road of Love

Initially, in childhood I traveled by many roads with my parents. Then the destination was important. Then one fine day I started enjoying the travel through the roads. All the roads intersect in the dreams and there I was at the junction.  I pick my favorite like all others and dream of it. That road looks alluring, shining in the morning sun, its curves, junctions, the slopes, signals are mind boggling. I like that road. Its great, i will ride over that one day.  Hey guys yesterday night I was driving over M.G. Road, don’t remember the bike but that was really fantastic, mind blowing. Its when you realize your vocabulary fails  to give you a ride and leave you awestruck in the middle. I will definitely ride over that. You can ride on your dreams, but in real you have  to be dependent on the public Transportation for a ride. Someone else drives for you and most of the time you don’t see the road properly, you have to look through the windows and there are so many vying for them.and you could only see some part of the road. Always I find that the favorite seat beside the driver is filled. Once in a while you get the bike from your father and drive it over some small roads. The video games have the racing but never near to the real thrill. My dad finally gets me a bike but I have to earn the money for the fuel. Most of the time I sit over the bike and dream of driving over M.G. Road. Finally I finish my college and manage a job. Some of the money get into my bike. Finally I prepare myself for the dream ride. The approach roads have become crowded, they were never so busy. I pass all the roads with difficulty but the chance of riding over M.G. Road is invigorating me. By the time I reach the road, it is crowded and no chance of clearing. I keep the engine on there for a day filling it with  anticipation, anxiety, despair. I return in pain. The dreams collide and kept haunting me.  I have a bike and the money for fuel, but my favorite road has no space for me. My friends came to console with  half the heart, other half feeling happy. I kept away from work for days, never touched the bike and isolated myself to a corner but the nightmares drag me into the middle and keep reminding me of the grand, lovely M.G. road. Where am I heading?  It seems everything came to halt, traffic jams everywhere, but the heart keeps beating as if  nothing has happened. I have broken down, and the people around me who gave me a ride or with whom I travel with, the acquaintances at the fuel pump  are left motionless, some feeling pity. My father one day  takes me out saying nothing. I just sit in the car, wear my seat belt. I could not see anything, but we were moving on some road, the vibrations of the car tell me that. Different thoughts keep coming. Everyone was seeing at me as if I were a fool. Yes, I was made a fool. I could not get my love, it became elusive. Finally, papa started speaking. He showed me the  beautiful roads which in his view were so beautiful and were constructed by respected companies. He stopped at  the beginning  of a road, the plaque shows the inauguration date  of some  x road and the construction company’s Y. showed me some more roads, the builder’s reputations, did not describe the roads as they were there before me to look at. I did not understand why he is showing me all this. I did not ask him, he did not say.  Dad is always like this, he never told anything directly. He always left things for us to see, feel and understand. That night I had a dreadful dream. My favorite road is no more a beauty any more,  pot holes everywhere. my sweetheart  looks at me craving for attention, but something was driving me away. NO!  It was a nightmare. I could not deduce what the nightmare implied. Whether I should try again. Next day Dad comes  and sits next to me. “See son, now that you have a job, nice income I think you should settle down. we may not be able to ride the way we dream of, but at least we should continue the journey. There are other dreams and we have some dreams for you too”. He passes to take breath, but he waits for me to think for myself. Yes I need continue the journey, others need not wait for me.

That night I was thinking of the roads papa has shown. This was after a long time I was thinking of the other roads.
The next day I say to DAD  – S. L Road.  Dad was really very  happy and we had a celebration the following month.

A Year later, I was happily travelling over S.L Road, I should say traveling with S.L Road. As I traveled I got understand its curves, bends, its connecting roads, the junctions it passes through.   Life seems new, and in all seasons, in happiness and grief, in joy and pain, the road seems to be there for you. This road has given a new life and together a new one.

Soon the life became routine, I find myself in a circle, no matter how hard I tried, returned back to the same place. The nights became silent and monotonous.  The ride seems uninteresting and bumpy. Did not know whether the tires have worn out or the road. But the heart still craves for some new experience. One fine day I go to office through a different way. The road was not so great but the experience was new. I know my sweetheart is waiting for me but a part of me was craving for change. One day it rebels and stands before me asking for reason. I could see the flashing red light. I stop with my face down ashamed of my lack of loyalty.  I give some reasons. we both knew it was a lie. Life was never the same there after . But as my dad said “The roads are never the same, but we need to continue the journey”

Happy Women’s Day

“Give one Day for Women, and the rest 364 are ours”  That’s what I feel is the men’s attitude about all the attention given to March 8. Woman’s Day.
We men by instinct may not give women their due respect, equal status or recognition…. What I would like to say  is ” If they don’t give it, Take  it”.
I am not challenging but this is the truth that these men will never understand or don’t care to recognize a woman’s real worth, talent, selfless love, caring, patience…. May be men should take rebirth as women to feel that..

Happy day and wish you all success for today and for days to come..