An Interview with Constitution of India

INTERVIEWER: Wish  you all, the fellow citizens of India a very happy 65th Republic day. Today we have with us the book who is born on this day 64 years ago  which is celebrated as Republic Day. On this day India has got its constitution. The one that has rules, rights and duties  that are  binding to all people of India.  Please join me in welcoming THE CONSTITUTION of India to our studio.  Welcome to our show

CONSTITUTION of India: Thank you very much, I wish all the people of India a very Happy Republic Day. Thank you for inviting me, privileged to be in your show.

INTERVIEWER: Tell me how are you feeling on the occasion of your 65th Birthday, the day you came to validity and as an Identity to  Indian Independence and marking the country becoming an independent republic

CONSTITUTION of India: Honestly I am very thrilled for being valid! India has done well in keeping me upheld as the supreme precedent. Though they made a few changes, I am still the same person!

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about the Drafting committee under the chairmanship of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Do you miss them?

CONSTITUTION of India: Dr. Ambedkar was really a great scholar. I am fortunate to have him as one of my creators. Others were wise and learned. They were successful in creating a very good constitution. Yes I miss them in a way that the amendments done to me did not have  people’s good as the sole purpose.

INTERVIEWER: Are you proud that you are the longest national constitution in the world?

CONSTITUTION of India:  Hmm, I feel I am going to stay incomplete until all the people have a sense of pride in it and desire to uphold its sanctity in all situations. There is no use until people are looking for loopholes and turnarounds.

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel that you are still incomplete?  Do you feel that still there is scope for a better draft?

CONSTITUTION of India: I am complete and more than adequate but to a utopian society. Dr. Ambedkar and team envisioned that the freedom earned would be dear to people and that Indians would be very law-abiding and ideal people.

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel that Indians do not deserve you?

CONSTITUTION of India:  I do not imply that. See, Indian Constitution was made for an ideal society.  The draft committee and the contributors may have thought people of country would stay together keeping aside the regional, language, caste differences. They thought people would take pride in their freedom and work for it. That did not happen, people in power largely used it to further their interests.

INTERVIEWER: So, do you think we failed as a nation?

CONSTITUTION of India:  We did not fail as a nation. We are successful in keeping the enemies at bay. We have built missiles and boast of a good Space program. We have a good foreign policy.  We are still evolving as a society.  We don’t appreciate our freedom anymore and take it for granted. We put ourselves before the country’s  good.

INTERVIEWER: Why do you think we do not appreciate our freedom?

CONSTITUTION of India: Since early days we existed more as individual communities largely ignorant of happenings outside. We once came together  to drive the British out. We went through a painful partition but again moved ourselves into our comfort zones.
I think Poverty and fear of it  is one of the reasons for not appreciating the freedom.  The lack of economic opportunities for the people and largely dysfunctional government programs made life a constant struggle.  Excelling in exams, getting job, getting married, taking care of kids, parents has become the priority in life.  No one has the freedom to choose their field of study, which is decided by parents or the economic conditions. So where is the freedom?  These factors have largely influenced our way of thinking and our opinions of others.  In spite of the recent economic boom we did not lose our insecurities, we are still the same selfish, self-indulgent, future fearing people. We do not strongly identify with anything national but with caste, region, religion…
It’s easy to divide us on any petty issue. But its time we value our freedom, and work to stay united.

INTERVIEWER:  How can we do that?

CONSTITUTION of India:  We have to stop being hypocritical.  Any leader saying he is fighting for a cause, has something in it for him. Lets clarify about what they want and we decide whether having him as our leader  is beneficial for all and the nation as a whole.

I am proud that 1.2 billion people are under me! but not many are aware of me. Rather than adding more to the hungry mouths, we need to be aware that population is no more an asset.

INTERVIEWER:  Do you have anything to say to the youth?

CONSTITUTION of India: The way the social studies and Civics are taught in our schools, for students I am just another subject.  They have to know that I am not a fixed or done deal but an evolving one. It’s in their hands to make or break this nation. They have to become sensible to the challenges this nation is facing and take part in politics actively or passively.

INTERVIEWER:  Thanks a lot for sparing your time. Wish you again a very happy birthday.

CONSTITUTION of India: I am all yours! thank you  and  I am getting old and its time you all gave me a facelift!


Political Potpourri

Indian Political Potpourri

  • Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reiterated he is clean and the corruption and inaction against it is due to coalition compulsions. The coalition partners have nothing to give but lot to take from the Potpourri called government and the country.
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh always says “I am clean” by showing his front but never showed his back.
  • Prime Minister is clean. That credit should be given to his Dhobi and the soap he uses.
  • The Chiranjeevi has joined his 2 year old party into the giant Congress. He said it is like a river joining the ocean. – Read it like this ” It is like Drainage from Jubilee Hills joining the already polluted(corrupted) Hussain Sagar Tank”. They never get dried until this land turns desert.
  • DMK party chief Kalaignar Karunanidhi  is an atheist. If he was God fearing at least he would have thought twice before backing Spectrum Raja and care a little for the people of the country.
  • The -Nidhis of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi, Dayanidhi, Kalanidhi… Don’t know whether they are the wealth (Nidhi) of grace, care, art but they are the Nidhi’s of money.
  • Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee seems to be on the Right Track in ousting the Left in West Bengal

We are Raped! Did we ask for it?

30 NOV 2009:  The students in OU have peacefully assembled to express their support to Telangana statehood. The police entered the Campus, surrounded the students, chased and beat them cruelly.
A APSRTC bus heading towards its destination was stopped by the protestors and all the passengers were forced to disembark and before all its patrons, the doors and windows of the bus were torn and glasses broken. It was humiliated. It was followed by torching it with petrol.  Ten more buses were reported to be damaged in Telangana due to the protests by TRS and Students.

1 DEC 2009, GOA: A 25 year old Russian woman was raped by the local politician, John Fernandes in his car  after physically assaulting her. She lodged a complaint with the police and was harassed by the police to withdraw the complaint. The Politicians tried to cover it up under the mat.  They are worried about the image of Goa ahead of the tourist season.

1 DEC 2009:  More students beaten, many more buildings and private vehicles were  damaged, windows broken, more buses were torched. More Bandhs, more property losses, closures, more rapes…

These violations are happening in broad day light and we stand their spectators. Some deranged people dictate terms, pass the rules, call for bandhs, force to shut down the businesses, schools, lathi-charge the students, rape the women..

It is not the buses which which are damaged but our right to freedom, it is not the glasses which are broken but our right to stand by our human values,  It is not the students those are beaten, but our Freedom of Expression,  It is not the Russian woman who was raped, but our right to Existence.

The buses were damaged by the same people who travelled by them, the buildings and shopping malls were damaged by the people who come there to live, do shopping. The students and people were beaten by the police who are meant to protect them. The Russian woman was raped by the Goan who posed as a friend and to drop her.  But the Congress MP from Goa,  Shantaram Naik says that “THE WOMAN ASKED FOR IT………”

Martyrdom if raped

The recent announcement by UP Chief Minister to give Rs. 25000 compensation to the rape victims is fundamentally flawed. It showcases the inability or unwillingness of the government to bring the accused under the law. Its like you commit the sin, I will cleanse it. It seems to be a very good scheme for the rapists.
Does Mayawati think that the rape victims will be given a hero’s welcome  at home after collecting the money from her? “Hail the great warrior, she withstood the overtures of  sex maddened animals and going to bear the pain for the rest of her life.”
How can a crime which traumatises the victim, can be undone by monetary compensation?
The anguish of the UP Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi is understandable, but the words she used only leads to another controversy. This has resulted into a skirmish between the BSP and congress and the main issue is sidelined.

Rape the magic (Maya) lady, literally!

Talking about rape these days is not taboo anymore. It has to the extent became so common like the word f***.
People will start saying  “What the rape? ” instead of  “What the f***?” . ” Who the rape are you? or  The policeman would ask “why are you raping around this late in the night?”

To imply the real meaning we have to say ” we are f***ing, literally” ? “she was raped,  literally”. “I was raped, literally by the sons of ministers”. “No literal raping. violators will be  jailed for 10 years”.
Shiney ahuja would be testifying in the court –” I did not rape my maid but I f***ed with her consent and full support” . His lawyer would make a sign to him. Understanding what he missed he would add ” literally”.

Infact Shiney Ahuja should have a controlled himself for some time and gone for the magic lady with the literal and open consent from UP congress head, Rita.  The media would be delighted  to feed this Breaking news of Bollywood – politics crossover.
Rahul Gandhi  is a worried man. May be he has still in his mind the consequences of the raping around, offcourse literally, by the Indian peace keeping force  in Srilanka. He lost his father.
While Magic lady (Mayawati) is busy erecting statues for the Dalit Leaders. In which age is she?  Why do we need Statues giving us directions  when we have got GPS?  I am pretty sure if those leaders are breathing through the statues of theirs they would have already choked  by pollution to few more deaths.
A group of  mentally deranged women at meet in a mental asylum in the border of UP – Bihar and MP. Woman from Bihar says ” You know in our state a rape victim  gets Rs.10000 and pension. Other from MP says “In our state we get Rs.15000 and also pension of Rs.100 per month”. The last one says proudly, ” In UP a rape victim gets Rs.25000, medal and a photo with Mayawati”.  These women are rape victims and are getting treatment  away from the  non repentant society which victimised them.
A family is watching  news on television , A beautiful anchor says ” Honorary chief minister in function has inaugurated  her own statue and later distributed compensation  to a rape victim. She was raped by a group of party workers in local BSP office” . ” Immediately the girl says ” Dad the anchor did not say literallY! “

I did not vote

I did not vote this time too. I am not feeling quilty because I applied for the voter ID card online but my name was not in the voter list. I don’t know whom to blame for this. Partly me. I applied in the last minute.
Anyway this time too I leave the election to others some of whom sold themselves to money and liquor. I am partly to blame.
Even if you vote to any party seeing the manifesto or the promises of the local candidate, it is not guaranteed that they will be implemented. They have no accountability.
It is like you give your dog something to eat for five years, after that it stands before you wagging its tail.  What are all these dogs going to do once there will be nothing left in the country and no swiss biscuits.

Why is Bihar not developed?

The reason I am writing this  BLOG is because a  friend of mine whom I cannot name used to saying that “Hyderabad was developed by Chandra Babu Naidu(CBN). He is the father of IT in Hyderabad. Without CBN Hyderabad is nothing.”

These statements would really make me a little bit uncomfortable.  CBN has done good things for hyderabad, I dont deny that, but the total credit cannot be given to him.
Then I ask my friend one question “why did Lalu Prasad Yadav did not develop Bihar when he has done so much for the Indian Railways?” (My friend hails from Bihar).

He would just say “that’s different”. And slowly he adds “No body who is educated stays in Bihar and every year the floods destroy everything.”
I say “You are indirectly saying that there is no scope for development in Bihar.”
Then he says ” May be.”
I conclude that “Yes Lalu could develop Railways because there is scope and could not develop Bihar because there is no scope.”
He tries to contradict but only says “it is different.”
Then I continue “In the same way IT has grown in Hyderabad just because there was and is scope and CBN created the required infrastructure in Madhapur”. (lets not discuss about his vested interests)
“Just because L&T has built hitech city, IT has not developed in hyderabad. It is people intensive and the IT companies did not come to Hyderabad just there was  infrastructure. They came because of the availability of the resources (skilled labor) and friendly government is only a stimulant.”

My stubborn friend does not listen but still says “Chandra Babu Naidu  has developed Hyderabad and put it on the world map”.

Thi is what I feel – Bihar is not developed because its educated flock is deserting it  and the same is happening with the whole country. And about the yearly floods, any part of this world is not immune to natural calamities and they can be not be the reason for  Bihar not developing. Its only the people’s attitude which builds or destroys.